What Goes Up, Must Go Down (NYC)

The forecast looked bleak, but that didn’t phase #Paulleak. Nor did it phase the rest of this NYC Tribe. We’re fierce, we’re #weatherproof.  We hit up a familiar location–the hill on W68th. Oh, this hill is steep. This hill makes it burn. This Hill Is Good!

After an epic bounce to get our heart rate up and our energy booming, we split up into 2 group and found partners. B-U-D-D-Y! One group started on the hill. One partner planked in the mud while the other sprinted up the hill.  The trick was all in the swap out.  The partner who ran down the hill at to straddle the planker and then go under the other like a “Bojan.” Otherwise it would be boring.  We’re not boring.

What Goes Up…………


…….must come down!

The other group did a circuit of dips, push up, bear crawls, and lunges. Ouch! We switched workouts in the middle. We tricky!



You Dip, We Dip, You Dip!




Next Week: Wednesday, Gotto at 5:28am and 6:28am. Set a PR. It’s PR Day! Make sure you read this blog for your homework.


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