History tells us that people from November Project SAN DIEGO are not #WEATHERPROOF.  And from everything we have seen, and some of us going to their workouts have witnessed, are 100% true.  But here in NEW YORK CITY, we don’t care what its like outside.  Raining today? Ok, cool first time to wear a jacket since April, head out the front door, and to the bridge.  For our friends from SD, this must have been a culture shock.  People working out in the rain? I mean, yea, we just go and do our thing.  And its FIERCE.

For those of you that may have decide to be #weatherspoof today, we had a blast.  Think of your favorite workout of all time.  Now double that fun.  Maybe some would say we got close to that figure, others would say we tripled it.  Those that were there would fall under the tripled column– and yes, as with all the photos I take and don’t post to the album, I also have a spreadsheet with a fun/fierce scale on it (today got pretty, pretty high).  Oh yea, we used the field and had a BALL.


HOMEWORK PART 1: Everyone go and sign-in to the tracker.  This is something we need everyone to do ASAP.  Even if you aren’t going to #VERBAL for this Friday, just go and sign in– easiest way is to “sign in using Facebook.”  There is a lot of cool stuff that will be coming out in the coming month with TRACKER 2.0, so we need to make sure everyone is on it, so that basically it can show how awesome we actually are.


HOMEWORK PART 2: One of those special guests was the dude sitting front row in the picture you see above, Brogan Graham.  He and the gentleman born Bojan Mandaric, founded this movement and are now one of The 50 Most Influential People in Running.  Yea, a little weird, we know but seriously well deserved.   Turns out, you can VOTE for who you think is the best in each category (SEE “Advocates”).  Although its obvious who is going to win, we suggest you go and give these two dudes a some love and VOTE NOW for them.  Oh, and congrats to Bojan and Emilie on the baby! (even though we have no idea if she was born yet, we want to be the first people on the internet to say something.  FIRST!)

FRIDAY: 68TH & Riverside BLVD.  Its the HILL.  This Video will give you an idea of what went down last time we were there.  Go to the tracker to find the exact location.

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