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Holy shit, Summit was an awesome weekend! Everyone was on such a high. How could we not be? It was an amazing weekend of racing, meeting new people, hugging strangers, partying, and general debauchery. It was a big effort by everyone to put it on. It fucking showed! But after such a big event or accomplishment, it’s easy to hit a lull. It doesn’t matter what the case is. Finishing a race that you weren’t sure was possible. Acing a big presentation. Eating an entire quart of ice cream by yourself. Summit is no exception. So how do we move on without that post-fuck-yea-low? EASY! We drink… duh!

Well sort of… We refocus on all of the awesome things that are already going on around us. We make sure to notice all of the people around us. All of the people that are worth waking up for every Wednesday and Friday morning. And then we go drink with them.

Let’s take the next few months to really focus on remembering why we love this town, and all of the people and the places in it. Let’s reconnect to each other and to ourselves on a deeper level. Sure, we see each other during workouts, but we all know that it isn’t possible to talk to everyone that you want to during a 35 minute stair session. So let’s make more opportunities to do exactly that. After all, that’s what this whole thing is about, right? Drinking… err… connecting with your neighbors, expanding your community, exploring and loving the place that you live, and making the people around you better.

Stacey Cha sees that vision. She’s the one that started that NP Denver Social Facebook page that you’ve probably seen, but not posted in yet. Let’s use it! Invite the tribe out for drinks, or to bowl, or to hike, or to dance the night away, or to bare knuckle box in some sketchy abandoned warehouse! Scratch that last one… definitely don’t do that last one. My point is, you don’t need us to organize something for the tribe. We still will because the LtSargeral still wants to see your beautiful faces outside the workouts. But this is the perfect tool for the tribe to organize itself… so fucking do it!

So let’s start tonight by drinking…
Wurstküche (not worst koochy) @7pm

Go leave someone better than you found then,

xoxo Sarge

WED 530/615A : Capitol Building Steps.

5:30 is open for business
5:30 is open for business



Also this. So many times this. Let’s make that aid station amazing!

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