Today was my Favorite. Lets Warm Up This City

Yes this title is partly to give C Payne a lot of #FIMO for not being able to make it this morning.  It’s probably due to eating stale/too much pizza and getting helicoptered to Alabamah for treatment, confirming that now.  The tribe wishes you a quick and speedy recovery and cant wait until you’re released so you can come back and warm us with your humor.  In good Payne fashion… a GIF


But in all honesty this morning was my favorite (since last Wednesday that is).  The weather’s definitely changing and we are coming into the best time of year.  Its a time we get to show off our cool #weatherproof hashtags, smack talk other tribes for their ‘severe’ winters and get real tight, physically, with those who brave out the rain, wind and snow and #justshowup.

A recap of why this morning was my favorite:

First we started the bounce with a song that probably not a lot of us know.  I’ll be the first to admit I had no idea what we we’re chanting when Em Sauce pitched it.  But it was hilarious, weird, we remained creepily quiet and I loved every minute of it.

Then came announcing the workout. So some of you may have heard but this is deep down my favorite workout. Ever.  Indy Jones’.  I’m going to make that bold because bolding things makes things more powerful and if you get nothing else from my rant, just remember we did Indiana Jones this morning.  After I dropped those words I was too filled up with bouncing and just pure excitement that I had to hand off the reigns to Em to describe the workout.

Then we added a little twist.  Kinda like Where’s Waldo, we played Where’s Rosa.  We know she’s returned from her adventure and cant wait to get her back to the tribe so today’s hunt was to find and hug Rosa.  Sources say she’s sick, probably from sharing the stale pizza with Payne, so here’s a photo to hold us over until Monday mornin’.



Then we sprinted those hills like the fierce competitors and athletes we are.  That’s when this day became even better.  I could see the “ehhhhs” and the “ohh mans” when we first announced the workout, I did not expect to see the smiles and laughs coming from everyone DURING the actual sprints.   It’s strange.  This tribe is made up the weirdest individuals  on this earth and I couldn’t love you all more for it.   I was laughing my ass off at some of these moments and they will carry me through this weekend until we all get our bounce on again Monday morning.

IMG_3610 (I am so happy that I caught this on film)

IMG_3830 (this too)

Speaking of Monday morning, here is the location.  This space is huge, open and green (for only a little while longer), so the possibilities are endless.  Curious about what strange shit #EmCsquared scheming up for this space?! Verbal now so you dont miss out on all the action!

Continue laughing, playing, smiling and being the inspiring humans you are…


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