What Does NP Mean to You? (BOS)

Each Monday that arrives, I get excited for the experience of going to a new (or familiar) part of Boston, exploring how we can find and create amazing fitness, for free, in that space, and connecting with the unique, wonderful community of NP members who also traverse the city from their homes to #justshowup.

Each Mon, Wed, and Fri I see people like you showing up for the very first time or the 14 thousandth time and I think two things. First, I’m grateful that you chose to get yourself there that morning, that you are invested in moving your body for fun, health, and betterment, and that NP is better because of you. Secondly, I wonder what NP means to you.

Seriously, I wonder whether someone finally pleaded hard enough to get you there. Or if you finally decided today was the day after watching NP shenanigans on social media for so long you just couldn’t not go. Or you happened to google “free fitness in Boston” or “running groups” after just moving here, and you stumbled upon it. You might even be #traverbaling from another NP city. And despite all those different reasons, or whatever other ones you might have, you made it there–you’re having this experience with NP Boston, which might be a one-time thing, or could lead to a long-time thing. And each and every single one of us begins to draw some meaning out of these experiences–we love it, or we found our people. We are cool with it when it is close to our house or when it fits into our schedule. We think it’s a little weird, and maybe that’s okay, and quite possibly that weird is just what our life is lacking right now, so it fits a unique need that isn’t getting met other places.

I’ve spent a lot of time in my life attending NP, leading NP Boston, and thinking about what it means to me. And I’m grateful to have people ask me pretty frequently what it means to me. It’s important for me to keep asking myself that, because answering that question allows me to be as intentional as possible about showing up and getting everything I can out of it. It also allows me to be intentional about what I put into it–how I invest my time and energy into my movement, myself, and my community.

So, now I’m asking you to think about it. Wonder about it. Ponder it. And don’t be afraid to answer it. What does November Project mean to you?

There isn’t a right or wrong answer, and there is most perfectly, a specific and unique answer for each and every one of us. But as we start this week–the end of October and the very first of November 2019 on Friday, and which is the 8th birthday of the start of NP–can you pause for a moment in the busyness of the day/week/month/year, and actually answer. What does November Project mean to you? Write it down. Say it out loud. Post it on social media. Or don’t. But give yourself the opportunity to answer it, because it means something to you–and that value only increases when you reflect on what it is.

Let’s have a great week as we start to celebrate this 8th birthday of the movement we know and love: November Project.

important upcoming stuff


  • The theme for costumes is “Fitness Fanatics” so make good things happen there, please.
  • We will be racing like crazy, so no matter whether it is raining, shining, or anything in between, come ready to challenge yourself to do your very best.
  • Grassroots Gear Tagging will happen during the workouts–bring your dry, light/bright/white shirts & tops for tagging. The #paintcrew will tag during the workout and you gotta pick it up afterwards if you wanna take it home.
    • ***This is a good time to get stuff tagged you plan to wear at NP_Summit in a couple of weeks, so plan accordingly!***


  • If you follow any other NP cities around the world, you may have seen that they celebrate their birthdays on the day they became an official November Project community. BOSTON WAS THE FIRST NP COMMUNITY and we’re turning 8 years old on Friday…maybe consider showing up because that’s pretty freaking cool.


  • 11/4 at 6:29am, #justshowup to Rings Fountain, right HERE on the map, for a great, amazing, fun, awesome workout.


  • NEXT Friday, Nov 8th will be the first of 5 winter WOahMAN events throughout the winter.
  • For you Friday regulars, on the 2nd Friday of each month, Nov – March, you’ll have the option to either race yourself in our regular #PRhills, or you can start early with everyone who wants to run the WOahMAN “triathlon” of NP_BOS.
  • This includes a start at the top of Summit Ave. (Brookline), run to Harvard Stadium, full tour in the stadium, run back to Summit Ave., do 25 burpees, run a full hill (front + back sides), 25 more burpees, and another full hill.
  • Just get ready and show up. It’s life-changing, and you probably want that.


  • Nov 15-18, 2019 in Las Vegas– it’s a family reunion kinda feel, with people coming from around the world –literally all the NP cities from everywhere are meeting up in Vegas for some fitness, some racing, some socializing, and some good, fun, connecting, awesome times.
  • NP HQ is updating the Summit Blog with details, times, locations, and all the stuff you have questions about RIGHT HERE. Keep checking it for more updated info as time goes on.
  • If you’re just learning about NP Summit and you still want to go–get on board, you’re welcome and invited, officially! And if you’re already booked and raring to go, we’ll see you in Vegas, baby!
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