What did you have for breakfast? (YEG)

While hills are a regular on the NP Canada Friday menu, today’s menu also included a daily special of ice, gravel, coffee and biscotti!!

It was great to have so many of you out today despite the ice-skating like conditions outside. Like a broken record, I am once again going to thank you for sharing your energy this morning – the joy, positivity, and cheer are contagious. I wonder sometimes if you underestimate your individual contribution to the collective. I want to remind you that each and every one of you makes a difference, that you each add to the collective energy and vibe of our community. A vibe and energy that inspired someone so much Wednesday morning that he wanted to share his gift with us this morning.

Hey everyone, this is my crazy Italian brother Antonio. He’s only been to NP twice, but yesterday he loved it so much he’s decided to show up tomorrow. He also mentioned something about bringing treats and coffee. His mom makes the best Biscotti west of Prato, Tuscany.

Posted to the NP Social Page by Steven Csorba

Thank you Antonio for the treats and coffee this morning! It was a wonderfully delicious surprise.

#justshowup 6 AM

Monday – River Valley Funicular

Wednesday – Royal Glenora Stairs

Friday – Walterdale Hill…expect another surprise…major surprise! 😉 

Until next time…SMILE! J

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