Notes from Monday (Boston 12.17.18)

Sometimes you just need to know a few things from your local November Project tribe leaders to keep you connected, up-to-date, and stoked on all things NP.  Here’s the notes for today–which we call “Wisconsin Notes.”*

Today’s workout

  • Warm ups in the cold, wet air–around a loop with views of the river.
  • Partner workout ladder: partners switch off running loops around McDermott Court.  Loop count goes 1 – 2 – 3 – 4 – 3 – 2 – 1, while the other partner hangs out under the statue (in photo) doing tuck jumps – lunges – burpees – jumping jacks – burpees – lunges – tuck jumps.
  • Hard AF.  Boom.
  • Burnout: partner RACES against each other for one full lap around the circle. 

Run + Social on Friday night

  • Friday is the longest “dark day” of the year–least amount of day light. 
  • We’re gonna LIGHT IT UP by having a LIT AF run + social on Friday evening.
  • We will still have a Friday 6:30am workout at the hills, just like normal.
  • Official start time and location will be announced Tuesday–pay attention to social media.
  • Theme is LIT AF.  Wear neon, lights, glow sticks, flashlights, glow in the dark face paint, or anything that glows, is light up, or is colorful and bright.  (get to work on this today and more details coming tomorrow)

Next Workouts:

  • Wednesday 5:30am & 6:30am at Harvard Stadium.  Yes, as always.  We don’t care if it’s cold or dark.  #JustShowUp
  • Friday 6:30am at Corey Hill Outlook Park (top of Summit Ave in Brookline).  As always.  Friends don’t let friends run hills alone.  #JustShowUp
  • Next Monday, 12/24 6:30am at Seaport CommonHERE is the map.  Yes, we workout even on Christmas Eve.  #JustShowUp

Wisco notes…done.  See you at the next workout!

*Wisconsin Notes: the name we’ve given to blog posts that are written in the style of the NP tribes in Wisconsin (first Madison, then Milwaukee).  Namely, they’re short, sweet, and give you a bulleted version of what we did at the workout today & everything you might want/need to care about today and coming up soon.  No flowery stories, no full descriptions.  But if you want to know more about what we did–or try to understand what shenanigans were going on in the group photo–the Wisconsin Notes blog reminds you to #justshowup because that’s where you’ll get the whole story.

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