As many of you probably do not know, I work as a business analyst in a 8:30-5/6/10pm job as a way to make a living. Livelihood? November Project. Bill paying method? Business Analyst.

That all being said, I use numbers day in and day out to provide reasons for decisions. I use numbers to provide proof of progress. I create pretty charts that get thrown into presentations that I will never personally present on, but someone, somewhere appreciates because it helps them understand that we are indeed doing our job. Ok. You’re bored. Me too. Onto why this matters for NP.

Recently, I’ve been analyzing our attendance numbers. Not because I’m disappointed by any means, but I’m more curious… What is driving people to show up? Or sleep in? Or bring a friend? Is it on us? Or on our tribe? Or… BOTH? So I went and compared Monday, Wednesday and Friday workouts from last year to this year, comparing the similarly timed days… For example, on Friday, December 15, 2017, we had 39 people show up. Today, on Friday, December 14, 2018, we had 46 people show up (#PROGRESS). Joseph, Glenn and I got to talking and we’ve decided that we wanted to create a challenge over the next four weeks for the tribe. You recruit well and show up, you win. You don’t do those things, you lose. 

Most recent tally as of 12/28/18


  • Over the next four (4) weeks, we will count how many people attend each workout and compare it to last year.
  • If you show up to both workouts on Wednesday, you get double-counted.
  • At the end of the four weeks, the DELTA (difference) between last year’s total attendance and this year’s total attendance will determine the number of burpees owed. 
    • If we have more people this year, the leaders will do the total amount of burpees owed.
    • If we have fewer people this year, the tribe will do the total amount of burpees owed.
  • EXTRA CHALLENGE: If the delta is greater than 100 people (i.e. we had 100 more people this year than last), the leaders will jump into Lake Pontchartrain on Friday, January 11, 2019… and proceed to get eaten by lake monsters and flesh-eating bacteria…

That’s it. The rules are simple. Show up, bring friends, and do better than you did last year. If you do, you get to watch your leaders somewhat suffer through burpees and possibly gross lake water. The challenge starts Monday at Lakeshore Park ( Park along Beauregard. See you then.

Win your day,
Mia “does math sometimes” Freddy


  • Ugly Sweater Get Together info coming soon.
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