Wet Wednesday and More (BOS)

Today was one of those days that we hope for in late October. If it’s going to rain, because let’s face it, it’s New England in October so it’s going to rain, at least it can be 60 degrees and fun to run around on the steps of Harvard Stadium. At least it’s not freeeeeezing out and making us question our #weatherproofness this early in the season. So today was a good reminder that:

1. fitness is fun

2. getting wet from the rain probably definitely makes fitness even MORE fun

3. #weatherproof is a mindset and we’ve all got the capacity for it

4. #justshowingup is definitely worth it

other stuff

Next Wednesday is #PRday. AND it’s halloween theme is “fitness fanatics.” AND there will be Grassroots Gear tagging.

The Monday workout 10/28 will be at Bunker Hill MOnument. 6:29am.

Nov 1st, 2019, it’ll be 8 years of NP. We will be celebrating. It’s our freaking birthday. So get ready for some good times, and maybe jump on the “all month long” original dare. What would it take for you to just show up at least once every single week in November? What about more than once every week? Could anyone show up to every single workout??? Well go on, I dare you. NP Boston will be here, and hope you are too. Everyone is welcome.

winter wo(ah)man

Maybe you’ve heard of WOahMAN? Maybe you haven’t? Either way, you need to get yourself ready for what’s about to happen. Starting in November, our regular #PRhills Fridays (the 2nd Friday of every month) will still be optional #PRhills, if you dig that, but for the winter months, there will also be an optional Winter WOahMAN. If you don’t WOahMAN, you better be racing your face off on those Fridays. And if you do the WOahMAN, you’ll be meeting early early with a crew of #weatherproof weirdos who will run from the park at the top of Summit Ave. to the stadium, complete a full tour, run back to the top of Summit, do 25 burpees, run a full hill (front + back), do 25 more burpees, and run a final full hill before finishing at the fire hydrant.

The Winter WOahMAN Series will kick off on Nov. 8th. And will continue each second Friday of the month for Nov – March. Five winter WOahMANs. Will you #JustShowUp?!?

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