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This morning felt a little off. We’re still getting used to it being dark early, or at least I am. It was a bit gloomy out with the dark and the rain, and attendance was a bit lower than usual. Normal for this time of the year.

We are weatherproof (RIGHT EVERYONE?) , but we are human and we are not mood proof.

This blog is not going to be long and drawn out, but I just wanted to shine a LOT OF LIGHT on something that was said to me this morning that INSTANTLY turned me around and you should all hear it, too.

It doesn’t matter if 5 people come to the workout, or if 150 people come to the workout, People will face challenges, firsts, and step WAY OUTSIDE of their comfort zone regardless. I think sometimes, in these moments of the smaller groups and less than ideal days is when some of the real magic happens. Or maybe it’s just easier to pick out on those days. Either way… stay with me.

Our 5:20 group worked out under the stadium this morning since the rain was heavy and the metal stairs weren’t as safe as we’d like. The workout was a 4 person team, and one of the stations was a run. The person who was running at the time was the one setting the pace for their teammates. At the end of the workout, someone said to me “Wow, that’s the first time I’ve run in twenty years, and I did it for my teammates.”

Point? JUST SHOW UP. You will help people do things they didn’t think they could or would do just by being THERE.

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Wednesdays are pretty great.

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