The November Project- Project (of November)

Photo of the year, right here.

Winnipeg Notes:
-Sneaky PR
-Freeze Tag
-Hallo-workout next week

Halloworkout 2018

Gotcha! This morning we gotcha with a sneaky PR! Y’all didn’t even see it coming! Everyone crushed their miles with smiles and we were fired up! The reason we pulled this swap, was that next week is our Hallo-workout, wear a costume and BYOPumpkin, seriously bring a pumpkin. Last year was an absolute blast, we promise you wont want to miss out and the mayhem we have in store for you this year! Also next Wednesday is NP Halloween Karaoke, you won’t want to miss out!

Spooktacular in 2018

Friday’s at the Ledge will end at the end of November, so get ’em while you still can! This Friday is the final day to get your October tags, and hopefully get your leaf! Also, it’s your last chance to get a November Project tag before we close

The dogs of Halloworkout 2018

Many of you had been training away, in preparation for the WFPS, and due to storm damage last Sunday’s race had to be cancelled. But the Winnipeg run community made lemons, into lemonade, we all got together and had 400+ people out for a run on Sunday morning. You all showed up for yourselves and everyone else, and we were held to our goals. I am glad that each and everyone of you are here.

We are stronger together.

Speaking of goals I am initiating The November Project -Project (of November). This movement was founded in the month of November; two friends decided to show up every morning for the month, and workout together and hold each other accountable. In Winnipeg, the month of November can be tough, it’s dark, it’s already cold, but there isn’t usually snow yet, so you can’t do those activities, it’s not holiday season…….you get the picture. So we are doing a goal setting Project; if you participate, you need to set a goal for yourself. I am giving you all more than a weeks notice so you can think about your goal, and set a goal that will challenge you. We will have a calendar made for the month, and I challenge you to write in your goal, and follow through. The goal can be fitness based:
-run for 20 minutes everyday
-do 100 pushup everyday
-go to every November Project for the month
-go to two fitness classes a week
But it can also be a goal of any other type:
-no-drink November
-meditate for 10 minutes everyday
– do something nice for a friend once a week
If you are stuck on thinking of a goal, message me (Megan) or talk to me at a workout, and I’d love to help you brainstorm to think of a goal. Because this is November Project, we are going to help each other! If you want an accountability buddy, you can reach out and find one in the group, or if you want you can message us on any of the November Project channels and we will set you up with an accountability buddy who you will check in with. Also, during all of our workouts in November, when you partner up, we will prompt you to ask your partner what their goal is, and if they’re sticking to it!

Make it a goal to come to Halloworkout 2019

My goal is to do 15 minutes of strength training everyday; it can be body weight exercises, or weights. Since I stopped coaching paddling a year ago, I’m not in the gym with my athletes every week, and I’ve noticed that I’ve lost a lot of strength. I consistently work very hard on my running fitness, but I’ve let my strength go, and this is my first step to getting it back. There, done, goal out in the world. I dare you to do the same. We start November 1st, please reach out to me if you want to bounce ideas off someone!

The Rock, paper, scissors. Get it?!

That’s it, that’s all. Come to the Halloworkout next week, set a goal for November, and message me if need help goal- setting.

Stay Spooky Winnipeg

-Coffee Guzzling M

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