Setting PRs across the city (Ottawa)

PR Day- back at our winter home. This transition is one that brings us back to downtown, back to Parliament hill to start off the bounce. We are fresh from the stadium stairs for the winter, mornings are getting colder and darker in this dark season, and we know we have an opportunity to maximize the space this city has to offer. One of the ways we do this is to head back to the locks by the canal and Ottawa River. It’s a TOUGH hill and stairs to climb up and down. as. many. times. as. you. can. It’s TOUGH. One of the things that makes for a great workout is where you think after- I would never do this by myself. And would you? Would you ever climb/run/walk/sprint/ up and down this hill for 25min and 1s? would you ever wake up at whatever hour gets you to the centennial flame by 6:29 and then run over to the hill to tackle this by yourself all through the winter? Please come tell us if this is part of your regular routine. This would not be something I would do by myself but I sure find myself smiling more, pushing harder, time flying faster and encouraging other people around me way more than alone. And that’s maybe why we show up. Seeing people pushing each other along, and making sure nobody is walking or running alone is the best thing to see.

There is a reason we don’t do PR day every week. We aren’t a run club, or a stair club, or a hill climbing club. We have a PR day to keep us moving through the winter and holding us accountable to bettering ourselves from the last time we did it. Are we always striving to push just a little bit, get that one little bit faster? Through the summer, we got to set PRs in the stadium, now it’s time for the hill. Where else can you set a PR in the city? Track your number of loops, and time you returned back. Compare it to last winter or write it down and give yourself a chance to compare this score next month. Tell someone if you want to, so they can help encourage you to improve and strive to keep getting better. We aren’t a run club, or a stair club, or a hill climbing club. We get to explore the city through movement, connection, accountability, through early morning smiles and high fives and hugs, and no matter where we show up, we’ll be there. And so will the community, and you’ll never finish alone.

Thank you for sharing your morning, your time, your energy with us.

Here’s to bringing “soles” together,

Liz and Lauren


  1. Next week, we are at Aberdeen Pavillion for a pumpkin workout- wear a costume!!
  2. Track your loops and time !
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