#WeekofLeak: Part 2 (NYC)

While reading today’s blog, please press play and read through all the action from today’s madness workout.  It truly will help you read the ramblings I seem to be throwing up these days.


Seriously, if you didn’t start playing the song this is going to be a bumpy ride.

Today marked to second day of NCAA tournament action, and there is no better way to fight through the woes of getting your bracket busted than a sensational #DestinatioDeck! Hi, I am your leader #paulleak, my counter part Coach could not be with us today as he is on site in South Carolina managing a little pop up workout of his own.  Our action today started out with some drills getting everyone hyped, loose, and ready for the action of today’s second round match ups during the #WeekofLeak.  Today we saw a strong showing out of the West region, with Nick and his new cat tights, giving him the power to power through the 141 burpees and 320 toe touches.  Also out of the West we saw the Cinderella story Phil finishing up right behind Nick with it being Phil’s first time in the big dance.  The East region  (Group three) could be considered everyone’s bracket buster.  You had upsets and maybe an official with a goal-tending call that cost them some time finishing up. Kudos goes to the South region, as they had multiple first timers at the dance and finished with a strong showing.  Great job to all the regions out there today.

After the full time, this workout went into overtime with some last second suicides.  Folks at home, these are not to be taken lightly.  These final seconds of the workout were so action packed that we cant describe to you the excitement levels out there today.  It was one of those moments where you just had to be there, and those that were in attendance were a part of something special.  That magic may not be able to be created again, BUT magic happens every Wednesday and Friday here in New York City with those fabulous people we call November Project NYC.

WEDNESDAY: Its Bridge Day, so we are to meet at 102nd Street Footbridge, Randall’s Island.  The weather report right now calls for rain, so stay tuned to our social media pages for updates on if we will be doing #GrassrootsGear or not.  Hopefully mother nature stays right there with us.

Folks, that will do it for this edition of #NP_NYC March Madness edition, I am #paulleak signing off.



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