Spring. And lots of other things.

In honor of the first day of spring and the overall weirdness and creativity of November Project, today’s blog is brought to you by the Haiku Inspired Creative Counsel of Unofficial Poets (HICCUP).  Many things to discuss from this morning.  All in the form of Haiku poems and photos.


Springtime has now come.

November Project still runs.

Hills.  Sunshine.  Pain face.

firey sun


Jump high, touch the sky.

Drop down fast, lay on the ground.

Fourteen times. Smile.


Community (part 1)

So you are single?

NP can help you mingle.

Lots of neat women.

lotsa women

Community (part 2)

Bunches of men too

They are happy to meet you.

Friends for everyone.

lotsa men


The Birdman game rules:

Hand goggles facing you means

Lay down for 5 counts.



We do weird cool things

Like human building-block planks

For celebrations


Monday Destination Deck

Monday we will meet

Massachusetts Avenue

MIT throwback.

#Verbal Hype

Get hyped and don’t freak

OGs BG and Bojan

Will bounce on Monday

#WeekendEarned #TheTribeIsStrong #KeepChangingTheWorld

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