Imminent, Imperative, Integral (DCA)

Imminent: #MarchOfThePenguins, MARCH 28th, 4:30PM

WHAT: Dress in black, white, and hints of orange. Like this. Or this. Or even this. Run with our waddle through DC. End at 21+ location for socializations.

WHERE: Meeting right HERE.

Facebook event HERE.

Imperative: Get your tickets for our upcoming TEDxFoggyBottom talk. You don’t want to miss it. Let’s crowd that auditorium with #GrassrootsGear galore.

Integral: YOU.

Every single one of you are an integral part of this movement, this community, this group of yahoos. Spread the #NEWS and the #LOVE to everyone around you and encourage everyone you meet to join us. We’re taking over this city one smile/high-five/hug at a time.



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