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This is going to be a nice little 3 in 1 blog. Topics will include #HellWeek, the week that I just lived, and this morning. As opposed to when I’m talking, I’ll keep this fairly concise.

 I don’t think that last week could have gone any better for our initial #HellWeek. The work that y’all put in day after day was incredible. I love how this tribe came out and crushed hill after hill, day after day, and then raced a fast as fuck 6k. One of my favorite parts of co-leading is when I see the photos from the workout for the first time. Seeing the smiles, the laughs that are captured for eternity, the camaraderie, the grit and determination to crush another hill, and just the good ol’ positive vibes. Last week was overflowing with all of that, and I hope that everyone is proud of their efforts. I was excited for all of the special tags and for the 6k medals, but I want to express how thankful I am to every one of you who thanked both Kait and myself. The gratitude that comes from the tribe is appreciated, and is a big reason why we keep dreaming up bigger and more awesome ideas! Last sentence on #HellWeek – Yes, #HellWeek 2.0, is already in the works with Kait and me planning more EPIC SHIT! 

I was fortunate to be able to spend this week hanging out with some amazing people. While I enjoyed spending time on set with new friends and old friends, I was impacted the most by Hillary Allen. Hillygoat as she’s known on the trails, is a badass runner who runs for team North Face. After I was done fanboying over the fact that I got to run with one of the world’s elite runners, I got to hear Hillary’s story. After falling 150 feet down the side of a mountain, suffering horrendous injuries, and being told that she’d be lucky to ever run again let alone compete against the best runners in the world, she bounced back. 10 months after her fall she ran the Cortina trail 48k. She came in first place. 

Echo Park Lake always makes me happy because it is where I babysat the tribe for the first time way back in 2014 with Angelface. When I woke up this morning I was excited. From Hillary’s bounce, to Amanda and Lily’s photos, Baby Joey’s sprints, and the energy of the tribe, my day was made! Padulas are a pain in the ass, and not only did you all crush them, but not one single person said anything negative about them. I love you, tribe!


SOCIAL MEDIA (more importantly Instagram) – Yes, we do in fact have an Instagram Account and upload some nifty stories.

LAX Social Page – Check out the LAX Social Facebook Page here where people share free events, make announcements, and give shout outs to other tribe members outside of the workouts.

Southwest Collision Course (aka SWCC) 11/3-11/4 – An epic relay with the Southwest’s finest tribes: Phoenix, San Diego, and WLA.  We’re dropping registration 9/5 but check out details in the Facebook Event here for the time being.

Fun Fact: Hillary taught me this while we were out for a run – For certain species of Darkling beetle, the act of facing into the foggy wind and sticking its rear end up in the air (known as fog-basking behavior) is thought to be just as important as body surface structure for successfully harvesting water from the air.

Do Good, LA.

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