Post-Millenial Musings (DEN)

Denver Notes:

  • Millenium Bridge is, in fact, a series of bridges.  We just happen to workout on the busiest one.
  • Denver pedestrian recruiting tactics are confident, but only mildly effective, particularly during commuter times.
  • People commuting via this Millenium Bridge do not smile.  We can only assume this is because they either couldn’t poop this morning, didn’t workout with us, or both.
  • We ran some bridges, climbed some stairs, did approximately 17,000 combined repetitions of 6 different exercises, shook some hands, kissed some babies, and met the neighbors.
  • It was Take Your Kid to November Project Day.

Today’s guest blog is brought to you by someone who didn’t intend for this to be a blog, at least initially.  She also didn’t intend to keep showing up to November Project, at least initially.  Sydney Turner is Exhibit A of what it means to get out of your comfort zone and #justshowup.  Without further ado, I give you our favorite high schooler.  Take it away, Syd!

Dear November Project, 

I was screwing around one spring afternoon when I came across the website.  Intrigued, I followed link after link, doing as much research as humanly possible.  From what I gathered there was a branch of the original November Project, or a tribe as I would soon learn, in Denver that met on Wednesdays and Fridays at ungodly hours to run.  It was for all ages and fitness levels, best of all it was free.  So I set my alarm, unsure I’d even wake up, and the next morning on my drive there I thought to myself if I hate it, I never have to go back.  All I have to do is show up one time and then I don’t ever have to come back.  That was a year and four months ago.

I am not sure I believe in fate, but I do believe that life has a funny way of giving us what we wish for in ways we never expect.  A few years ago I wished to have a place, somewhere I felt safe and where I could go to escape my normal routine.  I felt stuck and needed something that would lift my spirit on days when I felt weighed down by everyday issues.  Lucky for me, I got all of you, I got November Project.

Were you to ask any of my friends, classmates, or teachers, you would know I’ve tried to convince them all to come with me to a workout – after all my yearbook says I’m the most likely to ask you to come to November Project.  Thus far it has only worked a handful of times and I blame this on my inadequacy to accurately describe the energy and joy that comes from a morning bounce or doing a hoisty with a stranger.  Somehow I can always end up saying “Show up one time and I promise you’ll understand” as they audibly gasp after hearing the time this workout starts.  To me, what we do is worth infinitely more than an hour more of sleep.  It is worth every early bedtime, prepped meal, and pre-packed change of clothes.  I just wish others would come once so they could see how special this really is.  Perhaps they will and like me, wish they’d started coming years earlier.

Thank you for making me a runner, for giving me the ability to believe in myself, for showing me what it means to be there for somebody, the power of just showing up, for giving me a community of interesting and kind people I never would have met otherwise, for learning to appreciate post-workout hugs, and teaching me that the answer to feel good? is ALWAYS fuck yeah!

Something else I’ve learned in recent years is that nobody stays put for you.  Life constantly moves faster than we expect and we have to adjust.  Which means that we inevitably have to leave some people behind in order to move forward.  However, this group of absolutely incredible people has proved me wrong.  Because although I may be moving away, it doesn’t mean I’m moving on.  All of you are my family and I couldn’t be more grateful.  So enjoy those steaming hills for breakfast, but make sure to save me some leftovers.

Love, your favorite high schooler, 

Sydney Turner

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