The #traverbal Text (YEG)

November Project Canada has been around for over 5 years. In those 5 years, we’ve had thousands of people come to one of the many workouts we have hosted. From time to time, you may hear of people checking out November Project in the city they’re visiting, or see someone from another city joining our workouts. We call those #traverbals. I always love when I see one of our tribe members post a photo from another city. But what I love even more, is when someone sends me a picture of themselves at the workout from another city. It totally makes my day. This morning, that picture came from one of the original leaders of Madison, Wisconsin. But the photo was from a workout in Seattle. What a cool web that we’re weaving! I can’t wait until I get a text from someone checking out the tribe in Serbia. That one will be special. Just wanted you all to know how much I appreciate those messages.


As we mentioned this morning, if there are any photographers out there that want some practice or want to help us capture some mornings when Steven and Katie aren’t able to take photos, just send us a message or come talk to Jen or I. 

Monday – It’s back to school week! This one should be pretty fun! We’ll be meeting at Churchill Square.
Wednesday – Old 96er – If you’re going to take a shot at it, we’re starting right at 5:30am. If you’re not, we’ll still have our 6am group as well.
Friday – We’re sending off all our teachers, students, principals as they head back to school for another year!

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