Wednesdays in Boston, Post-Pandemic

It’s been precisely 448 days since the last time we got up early, showed up, and climbed stairs together in the stadium. THE stadium. Harvard Stadium, which has been home — like home base — for NP Boston since the very, very beginning of November Project.

And on day 449, we will return.

You’re reading that correctly. Tomorrow, Wednesday June 2, 2021 at 6:30am (and only 6:30am) we will go back to the stadium for the first time in all those days, weeks, and months. I’m going to say it again, just so you know it’s real. We’re returning to workouts on Wednesday mornings at the stadium.


We are NOT making a more public announcement than this because while Harvard has made the choice to begin opening the stadium, the university is not making a public announcement about it. We intend to follow their lead by quietly and respectfully showing up for our workout without blasting the news on social media. So, if you’re reading this, please do not post about it on social media today. Do not “blast it,” “hype it,” or “shout it from the rooftops.” Let’s use the original grassroots method of sharing about it–with your actual voice and directly from you to the people you know. Call a friend. Send a text. Do. NOT. Post. On. Social. Media. please and thank you.

After our workout, and as more days pass, more people will learn about the stadium being open, but our goal is to let the word spread organically, rather than doing the opposite of what Harvard is clearly doing on purpose by letting the opening be a quiet, non-announced thing.

What’s the Same as Before?

Most things will be the same:

  • the workout will be free
  • anyone can show up & everyone is welcome. An inclusive community is our priority.
  • you absolutely still need to pay for parking if you park in Harvard parking lots… even at 6am!

(There are meter boxes to pay for parking that typically take cash or credit cards, but please be prepared with both, just in case. Also, remember that when many people are trying to use the 2 meter boxes for the whole parking lot at the same time, it can take a few minutes to get it done, so please be kind to each other and give yourself enough time!)

  • you can have as much fun and sweaty fitness as possible
  • the stairs are still going to kick your ass (probably more than you remember, if you’ve been there before)

What’s Different Now?

WAIVERS Everyone who attends the workout needs to sign this waiver. If you’ve attended an in-person workout with us since the pandemic started and already signed this waiver, you do not need to complete it again.

TIMING As of June 1st, the stadium will be opened daily at 6am, which means that we will hold one workout each Wednesday, at 6:30am. If and when we have access to the stadium for a 5:30 workout, we will consider adding that early workout back into the schedule, but until then, we’ve got ONE and only one workout on Wednesdays. 6:30am. Please join us then.

PHYSICAL CONTACT We, co-leaders of NP Boston, will not require or expect for you to hug or give high-fives. We will still welcome you to interact with and talk to other people at the workout — NP values and is inherently community-driven — but maintaining physical distance is acceptable. Your comfort and physical & emotional safety is important and should be prioritized. We will do our best to create an environment that feels safe and we encourage, support, and empower you to make the choices that are best for you. We request and expect that everyone will be respectful of other people’s boundaries for physical contact. We will not tolerate actions or statements of pressure for anyone else to make or receive physical contact, of any kind, that they do not consent to.

CHOICE TO MASK Your determination of safety-for-you also includes your choice to wear or not wear a mask. Masks are no longer required in outdoor spaces, by MA or Boston regulations, however wearing a mask may still make you feel safer from COVID. We feel confident that the following conditions create safety (low level of risk) enough for everyone to make the masking decision that makes you, personally feel most comfortable: gathering in an outdoor space, being in motion, and having enough room to have sufficient distance from others. We request and expect that everyone will be respectful of others and their decisions, refrain from commenting, judging, or instructing others’ behavior, and will maintain a physically and emotionally safe environment for everyone at November Project.

Please Remember

Returning to NP…to the stadium…is an opportunity but not an obligation. You might be reading this and feel overjoyed at the day you’ve been thinking about since last March finally coming to life. But you might feel nervous, uncertain, reluctant, or overwhelmed at the idea of showing up in a big group like this. We see you, and we honor those feelings. Please remember that you are a member of NP Boston, whether you show up to the stadium or not — if you come to in-person workouts or not — if you’re ready for this or not. Take your time, do what’s best for you, and we’ll be here and on Zoom in the meantime. We will continue our Wednesday Zoom workouts, so regardless of where you are, you can take part in NP Boston, with other humans in this community. And we continue to support you as you get connected, re-connected, or newly-connected with other people, bigger groups, and community-based fitness.

Please also familiarize yourself with the November Project Community Agreements — values and standards of our community which we also expect everyone who attends to abide by. Here is a blog and video that expands on the NP Community Agreements, and they are the following:

  • elevate, motivate & support others
  • respect: individual boundaries, identities, neighbors, environment, & agenda free motives
  • grow community
  • lead together
  • call in (not call out)

If you have questions, concerns, or simply want to share some feedback with us, we have an anonymous feedback form (you have a choice to add your name) right HERE. We welcome what you have to say.

WE ARE SO EXCITED about what is to come,

EmSauce & Capoze

(Emily Saul & Chris Capozzi, co-leaders of NP Boston)

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  1. For those who go at other times, it should be said here (and told to others) that the Stadium closes at 8PM. Don’t go too late at night!

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