NP Doggo Etiquette

It is the greatest joy of our lives to welcome your doggos at NP and we are so excited to meet your four legged family members that have been a part of your family for awhile or came to live with you during the pandemic.

Since we have so many new tails around here, we wanted to share some best practices/tips/general etiquette reminders to ensure that NP stays a safe place for all two and four legged animals in attendance:

  1. Leashes, always. This keeps the owner in control of their animal at all times and keeps the power dynamic consistent for all doggos. 
  2. Ask before approaching. A simple “Can they say hi?” can start the convo; your dog may be an extrovert but someone else’s might not be. Best to ask and have a conversation before charging in. Consent is always a good idea, whether it’s a sweaty hug or a sweaty dog. 
  3. Be prepared for the unexpected. Think of a NP workout and what your dog has been exposed to. How they will react to a large crowd, that crowd running around, loud noises, sprinklers, etc. Unsure? That’s ok! If it’s your dogs first time, ease them in by staying to the back of the bounce or the outer edge of the workout. Make sure you’re checking in with your dog and looking for clues as to their comfort level. 
  4. Have an exit strategy ready. Whether it’s your first NP workout together or your 100th, your pup just might not be into it: the workout, the people, the other dogs that day. Come to the workout prepared to honor where your dog is at and be ready to pivot to a run, doing the workout from afar, making up your own workout, or heading home. 
  5. Remember, we’re all animals. Depending on the day, we all react differently to the same situation. This is true for humans and dogs alike, make space for both of you to have your feelings, try again, etc.
  6. See a doggo you want to see more of? Make a doggy play date! This is a great way to deepen your relationship with an NP friend and socialize your pup!

Everyone is in a different place on their dog parenting journey and in their dog training journey so let’s do our best to be respectful and make space for everyone where they’re at. 

Here’s to lots of wagging tails!

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  1. Ask before approaching applies not only to other four legs, but to two legs too! Some of us welcome a sloppy wet kiss or jump-n-brow cleanse, others of us prefer to greet the pups from afar.

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