Doggone Good (ORL)

Woof… Woof. Woof. WOOFWOOF!

Shoutout to #DogsOfNP at this morning’s canine themed workout in Orlando.


  1. We coleaders of NP_ORL thought that today was one of our Tribe member’s dog’s birthday (Ernie the French Bulldog‘s bday is actually Dec 20th), so we planned a celebratory treat:
  2. Puppy-inspired exercises were: fire hydrant leg lifting, digging and squatting, rolling on the ground and, the classic, downward facing dog.
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Though we didn’t greet each other in the traditional dog way of sniffing each other’s butts, we got to warmly welcome 3 new faces (Sebastian, Sophia, Anderson) and 2 #traverbals (Mike of NPSD, Angel of NPLAX). It was a chilly 55-degrees F for us, but we powered through it. read more