Wednesday Updates (BOS 5.15.19)

Sometimes you just need to get the updates from NP_BOS and today, it’s coming through the blog. And first, a little Positivity Award cuteness and motivation for today, coming from Corinne Griffiths, aka: UniCorinne, who received the PA last Friday:

#RunItForward with Brooks – Join the Challenge

We’ve got this great new footwear & apparel sponsor, Brooks, and they’re working on a challenge to the world with Strava (the run-tracking social app) over the next couple of weeks. You simply log miles on Strava–they’re challenging you to run at least 21 miles (which works out to be one mile a day)–and all the miles you log add up to running shoes and clothes for high school students who need that gear to enjoy the amazing sport of running.

So yup, you simply run (something you probably already do and hopefully enjoy), you log it on Strava (easy peasy), just be sure to join the #RunItForward challenge, and you do good in the world so more kids can access and enjoy running. Literally #RunItForward. Use that hashtag when you post about your running and maybe even spread more inspiration for others to run (yay!) and help contribute more Brooks gear to high school runners.

Esplanade 5k on Saturday

If you’d like to run a 5k race on Saturday and are excited about a 50% discount to do so, just sign up for the Esplanade Association’s 5k and definitely use this promo code: NOVPROJECT

Be sure to join the November Project Team if you register and wear Grassroots Gear! If you have none, I (Emily) will tag your shirt on site, only between 8:15 – 8:40am. If you plan to get a shirt tagged, it’s also great to let me know (send me a message on FB messenger or IG [Emily Saul / @emilysaulboston].

Bib pickup starts at 8am. Race starts at 9am. You cannot use the Promo Code for on-site registration, so if you want to race with NP, sign up now.

Next Wednesday

Is BACKPACK DAY! this means we challenge ourselves to carry just a little more weight up the stairs by wearing a backpack that can have as little as a shirt or a pair of shoes…or a water bottle…or a couple cans of soup…or a few books…or your baby/child in a pack…as much as you want to carry to challenge yourself. Don’t try too hard–even a little weight adds a whole new challenge to the stairs! But bring/wear a backpack for Wednesday stairs next week, May 22nd.

Memorial Day Monday

Here are some details, and more to come. You probably (hopefully) don’t have to work that day. So let’s meet up earlier than normal and go to a destination that NP Boston has never ever ever been to before.

Here’s how you need to prepare yourself.

  1. Decide you’re going: Monday May 27th. Earlier than 6:30am. BOOM.
  2. Prepare yourself to bike to the workout because it’ll be farther away than usual. (that’s a giant hint!) If you’re going to bike, wear a helmet too!
  3. If you want to take on a longer run than usual, prepare yourself to run either to & from the deck or just TO it, with options to get a ride, take the T, or catch a lyft/uber back home. (This could be a great way/day to #RunItForward)
  4. Start talking to everyone about joining the fun for the morning, because it’ll be super, very, much fun.
  5. Keep paying attention to our social media channels for updates and more info about meet up locations and transportation for the workout. More details coming soon!

that’s it!

We know it’s exhausting to get all the way through a blog with this much info…but just like the crew did this morning, you did it!

See you Friday at the hills (Corey Hill Outlook Park at 6:29am)

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