NINJA (dracarys)

Wisconsin Notes:
-Ninja workout- full stealth
-NP YWG turns 5, June 5th
-PEG City Scramble IV -May 30th
-free dragonboat team, sign up
-MB Marathon June 16th, race or cheer

Now you see us, now you don’t. This morning was our ninja workout and we went full stealth. We were sneaky, we were tricky, we were ninjas. We worked out at the Lower Fort Gary for the first time and it was wicked. Super cool to explore and utilize a new area, thanks to Derek for that brain wave and for scouting it out! Y’all showed up in all black. Mike B was so disguised I didn’t recognize him until the workout was half over, he also COMMITTED to a ninja accent/ persona. Desiree brought a sword. Derek wore a black vest to hold all his things, for hands free stealth. Spike stayed on theme, Carter did not. Danielle crushed it on photo taking. Shelby won Shabooya. We forgot to birthday boom Brian. Oh, you weren’t there, and you feel like you missed out? Well, you did. But don’t worry, you can join us any other Wednesday or Friday, we have about a bzillion amazing things coming up.

Brian is so stealthy that we forgot to BIRTHDAY BOOM him! Must be the influence of that Tricky Marina.
That Spike, he’s so stealthy, I can hardly spot him!
Carter? Not so much. (Still a good boi, tho, can confirm)
Steel sword. Steel stare.
Who is that guy? I literally have no idea.
Thanks for dreaming up a great workout D, you’re rocking that vest. Running, but make it fashun.
Marriage is: competitive, photo finish, lock step, sprint races.
DP with all the fiiiiirrrrreeeee photos. Thank you Danielle.

May 30th is PEG City Scramble IV, guys it’s so fun. It’s a fun, awesome event. Everyone should come, make your own team of 3 or show up on the day and we’ll put you on a team. Check out the event here:
Still have questions? Hit me up online or at a workout, I’m happy to get you on board.

June 5th is our 5th birthday! CHAMPAGNE BIRTHDAY! Half a century! No. Wait. HALF A DECADE. That’s right. Come! Bring everyone. Let’s get 500 people out, ok, maybe that’s a little ambitious, or maybe it’s not?! Really, y’all it’s gonna be awesome, we want you all to come so we can celebrate this incredible thing we’ve been building, growing and maintaining for 5 years, together. Start recruiting now, put it in your calendars. Please, come.

The 5th is going to be like this, but more people and more hype.

I won another free dragonboat team! We get two practises and we race on June 7th and 8th. It’s a 20 person boat, but filling it is like wrangling cats, so I’m making a 30 person rooster, so even if you “can only make it one day” or you “have to leave early” or you “turn into a pumpkin after 3pm” you’re still welcome to join us! No experience needed. Still have questions or need more details? Join this facebook group, it will be where all the cat wrangling occurs:
Disclaimer: no cats were harmed in the making of this facebook group, or this dragonboat team.
But for real, it’s gonna be really fun and a great way to try out something new, join us!

June 16th is the Manitoba Marathon! Sign up for the 5km, 10km, half marathon, full marathon, relay or all of them (jk don’t do that, that’s not possible, and is not a financially sound decision). But really, sign up for something, it’s Manitoba’s premiere event, it’s an awesome race and an epic day. Really not interested or able to run? Then join our cheer station, graciously spearheaded and organized by our very own Desiree, check it out here:

Thank you all for coming out this morning it was so fun! Keep showing up every week, we’ve got a really special summer in store for you.

Have a great Wednesday!

The Mother of Dragons
(Spoilers ahead, do not read if you’re not caught up on GoT)
Ok, fine, I’ll address the elephant in the room. Yes, fine. Daenerys snapped. She went full Mad Queen. She burned them all. I don’t care. Stay with me here, yes, systematically burning all of Kings Landing and it’s inhabitants isn’t exactly a benevolent move, but the Seven Kings have done her dirty. She saved the Living from the Dead, she sacrificed the bulk of her troops, and one of her dragons to the fight against the Night King. And yet, afterwards all the northmen were slobbering all over that dudebro John Snow, and let’s be honest it’s because he’s a man, and people don’t like to see a woman in power. Then her bestie, her Day One Missandei is beheaded in front of her (and who is going to braid her hair now?). Jorah, her number one Stan dies too. Varys betrays her. Tyrion has been giving her trash advice for ages. That wannabe Jack Sparrow, Euron Greyjoy killed another one of her dragons. Her dimwitted beloved John Snow gets all squigged out, and spurns her because, well yes, she is technically his aunt. And she ultimately realizes that the people of Kings Landing will never love because, see again, the people don’t like to see a strong woman in charge. So yes, she burned them all. Don’t come for me, you won’t change my mind. Do I wish they would have fleshed out her descent into madness a little more? Yes, yes I do. But I’ve loved the books and show for years and I’m not going to pile on at the end, just because the ending isn’t going the way I wanted. And I love a strong, complex female lead, so ……DRACARYS

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