Hello Darkness Our Old Friend

Like any good love, you embrace the brightest sides of your object of desire as well as the deep dark corners of it. In our love affair with the beautiful and lovely Commonwealth, we embrace lactic acid, muscle spasms, max heart rates and staring at strangers butts all while fawning over how great this Stadium experience is.

It was good to be back at Gate 2 this morning to hear the echo of the birthday booms, the surround sound of the bounce and the wheeze of exhaustion near the top of each section. We will have to wait for an amazing sunrise but it’s probably better to save it for our second date.

There is never an easier recruitment than getting your friend/family/co-worker out to a summer Wednesday at Commonwealth. Do we need more people? Nope. It’s just rad to share the experience with those people you see at family/friend/office dinners so you can talk about cool shit rather than the weather and how nice the appetizers are. So here’s the homework; target someone you like/love/admire and let them know you want to share this gift of awesomeness with them. That’s it. If they need more reason than that, you picked the wrong person to ask. 😉

See you Friday!

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