We would accept an application from Jaden any day (YEG)

You know those teenagers that you meet that rebel against every stereotypical belief that old people have about teens? They are polite, can hold a conversation, get along with their siblings and get their ass out of bed without their parents begging them to.  Ya, we got some of those here at November Project Canada and that makes them the coolest teens we know.  Jaden is one of our stars and she is guest blogging for us today.  She brings her badass self to the workouts before heading off to high school for the day and in the process gives our older tribe members redeemed hope for the future of our glorious country.  af



When I first heard about November project, I seriously questioned the sanity of the individuals who would ever happily sacrifice the beauty that is sleep, to workout in the cold darkness at 6:00 in the morning. Little did I know, I would soon be questioning my own sanity. After being persuaded to try November Project for the first time, I knew it was a group I would strive to be apart of.

Jaden yeg

I’m currently seventeen years old, working towards completing my last year of high school. Recently I’ve started applying to a few different universities around western Canada. While applying to the University of British Columbia, I was asked to respond to this question:

Tell us about an experience, in school or out, that caused you to rethink or change your perspective. What impact has this had on you?

This was my response.

I never truly understood the value in community until august of 2013 when the international fitness movement, November Project, came to Edmonton. The group, open to people of all fitness levels, meets at 6 AM three days a week. I have been a proud member since the beginning, and joined for the soul purpose of staying in shape after I retired from ski racing. This community is inclusive, and attracts a diverse group of people—from professional athletes to people without backgrounds in athletics. When you arrive to workout in the morning people are no longer teachers, students, or hockey players, but rather running partners, supporters and friends. My perspective has changed since being apart of the group because it has opened my eyes up to the strength of community, the power we have to inspire one another, to motivate and encourage, and to hold each other accountable. This collective power has changed the way I understand community; through supporting each other we become stronger as individuals.


Jaden Willes,  November Project Canada

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