The Slowest Race on Earth…run by fast people: Baltimore

I shall start things off with a limerick. (No, this has nothing to do with St.Patty’s day. Can’t a man just rhyme?)

To the tribe of great Baltimore
We could not love you much more
with your curly haired dogs
and your long distance jogs
Wednesday mornings are never a bore

There. I did it. Your weekly dose of November Project poetry. Next week…a Haiku.

Now that we’ve lost everyone’s attention. This morning was painfully slow. The goal of this morning’s workout was to lose your race and losers we were. Every last one of you…losers. Give yourself a pat on the back. You’re all losers in our book. Even our two newbies ( although we might consider giving you a win for showing up).

10 exercises, each to failure. The goal was to hold on to your plank, box jumps, pushups, etc, for as long as possible. The person who held on the longest won( or lost…or maybe both?). Follow each failure with a 1/3mile jog and you have the biggest bunch of losers this side of the Mason Dixon line. I’m so proud of each and every single one of you losers…if I could pick one group of people to lose with, it would be you folks. Michelle even brought her lovely dog this morning so we could lose across species and Sleepy Nick brought that Jamaican vibe back with him from vacation…may have brought our pace down a little bit.

The only winner this morning was our photographer, Gio, who managed to come home with the positivity stick. We had to honor Gio, he crushes photography when we need backup, ran with us on Christmas, was the first to have #grassrootsgear and a crab tag and is our quiet inspiration when morning’s get cold, damp and shitty. Congratulations Gio; on a day when the point was to lose…you somehow won. ( He also wore shorts through the Polar Vortex).


Next week: Grassroots gear! Race day! Handsome people in workout clothes!

Don’t forget to check out New November Project gear! The shirts are sick…almost as sick as the upcoming announcements we have. Focus on the shirts for the moment!

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