We Sweat, We Banter, We Laugh (SMF)

When 6:25AM rolls around, the friendly faces of the Sacramento tribe begin to gather at the West Steps of the Capitol. Today, was no different with the unfriendly face of leaf blower guy who started the morning by blowing his machine at co-leader Haley as she was first to arrive to welcome members of the tribe. We asked him to join, but clearly he was too busy blowing the browned grass and dust around to workout with us. Nonetheless, the tribe gathered and the workout began.

The morning workout started with our normal 1-mile loop for a warm-up around the Capitol grounds before getting into this mornings sweat-fest back at the West Steps where we originally met up at. Today’s pouring of sweat was a ladder workout, with starting at 10 reps of each exercise then working our way down to one, reducing each set by 1 every round. The workout consisted of squat jumps, tricep dips, push-ups, bicycle crunches, calf raises and mountain climbers. Our resident downtownian, Derrick, was the first to complete all of the sets. All others finished pretty close to one another except co-leader Chris who cheated his way through the workout, and lost track of his reps due to the focus on the morning serving of banter to the rest of the tribe.

After the sweat was done pouring, the group finished off the morning with a 1-mile cool down around the grounds running it in the reverse direction, this is known as the Puff Daddy lap, since we remixed it and we the other direction of the warm-up.

The tribe might be small but we have a lot of fun doing what we do each and every week. With Fix50 being predicted to finishing up within the next couple of weeks, we hope to see our numbers grow, because at that point there are no more excuses! Meet us every Wednesday at 6:25AM in front of the West Steps of the Capitol, here is the address: California State Capitol , 1315 10th St, Sacramento, CA 95814 (West Steps are the steps facing the Tower Bridge). Make sure to help us spread the word via social media “like” us on Facebook and “follow” us on Twitter.  We also post some awesome photos and other things on our FB / Twitter to keep you guys involved during the week.

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