Every Artist Has Their Muse

Every artist has their muse. For DaVinci it was the mysterious Mona Lisa. Monet? His lovely wife, Camilla. Picasso? Lets just say he had a few. So I was watching Food Network the other day, wait, is food my muse? I guess that’s up for debate, I love food…but anyway, I digress. So, in the midst of a thrilling episode of Iron Chef, I was watching Bobby Flay deconstruct a tempura battered, spicy ahi tuna roll. I found myself wondering, WHY? Why take something that is so deliciously perfect on it’s own, break it apart, serve it up, and try to make it better… ENTER: LIGHTBULB MOMENT!

That’s right, you can thank ginger genius Bobby Flay for today’s hefty helping of Deconstructed Burpees. The dirty 30 will never feel the same. It was about minute 22 when someone shouted “I know where you live!” And then, it was around minute 26 when Tina pondered out loud if anyone had every drowned in their own sweat. As a disclaimer: No, the google machine has confirmed, no person has ever drowned soley in their own sweat…if fact, they make T-shirts that say just that. But even deep into the intensity, you all survived – and looked damn good doing it (I have photographic evidence of this, btw).

But today was not JUST about food, I mean burpees, I mean deconstructed burpees, I mean…I’m hungry…what? Today we crowned the first ever, NPSD Rock, Paper, Scissor Champion – Miss Allie McKay. The Tiny One rocked, papered and scissored (is that PC?) her way to the top and left the rest of us groveling in our planks. Who will be the next Champion? You’ll just have to fucking show up to find out!

Another good reason to just show up? Because your Dad does… cough cough KEV. You know it’s something good goin on when your cool parents show up without you.

Don’t forget: MUG SHOTS NEXT WEEK – we want your beautiful face on film!
Final Hump – you know what that means!!!

Be Happy! Be Strong! Be Bright SD!


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