We Missed You, Nick Paul! (BAL)

Nick Paul – the man, the myth, the GIF legend began his week in the usual manner, slathered in neoprene and dropping verbals left and right.


This wasn’t any old verbal though, it also held the opportunity to receive a FREE gift certificate for a cute, new TRI outfit. Unfortunately, when Wednesday morning rolled around and there was no NP* (*Nick Paul, OF COURSE, there was November Project because that NP always shows up), the tribe was left scrambling for answers.


LUCKILY, we found this clue littered among his Facebook photos and knew it was the only explanation for his absence.NP3

Based on eye witness accounts, we were able to piece together the events that transpired Tuesday evening and led to Nick’s broken verbal… while dressing up in his finest fur and practicing his spirit fingers for his upcoming dance recital, Nick grew ferociously hungry.NP4NP5


Some might say rabidly hungry.NP6

Without his wallet in hand, he knew what had to happen. He would need to twerk about Baltimore until someone recognized his nimbleness and rewarded him with pancakes. Bashful at first, Nick hid in foliage and debated his stage entrance.NP7

But, quickly… things got a little out of control. Unfortunately, when shocked bystanders refused to offer the pancakes he so desired, Nick was reported to growl at onlookers and stole what appeared to be a small child’s kite. This resulted in a prompt call to the police on a part of the child’s parents.NP8

The latest reports indicate that Nick is still in hiding. If you see this man, please bring him home to our tribe.NP9


We’re not mad, Nick Paul… OK, we’re a little embarrassed by your behavior, but mainly we’re disappointed. We missed you this morning. And you missed out on a lot of this:NP10

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