We Did It!! (LAX)

You did it. You overcame the biggest obstacles in your lives and did something you maybe never thought you would. I’m sure you had your doubts at times and maybe you invested way more than you thought you would have to but still, you pulled through and you did the unthinkable:


You found parking downtown.

OR you did something else that’s unthinkable…. YOU NON-IRONICALLY TOOK THE METRO!

See guys?! It’s not so bad. Think of all of the wonderful places we can go now that you can see how parking isn’t the biggest problem in our lives!


But seriously, today was fantastic. What a joy to be in such an iconic location, a place that we can be proud to see as part of our city. Recruiting today was easier than it’s ever been and not because we were hopped up on karaoke and Jager Bombs at a monthly social, but because the vibe was impeccable today.

And what a joy to realize that we really can do the things we want if we give ourselves the chance. So many times leaders at NP_LAX have written off places like downtown for parking reasons. I’m glad we had the faith that you guys would figure it out and I’m glad that you guys figured it out, by maybe stepping beyond an idea, one that you likely created arbitrarily to give yourself an excuse to quit.


Really all excuses are arbitrary, they’re rooted in what can’t be done rather than what can. You can so simply move beyond the limitations you set for yourself and into a place, a blank slate where anything is possible.

You earned your weekends well today tribe. Don’t be your own worst enemy, be the first person to convince yourself you can.

Do great LA.

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2 Replies to “We Did It!! (LAX)”

  1. I want to join this! All it says is to show up, but how do I know where to meet, and how long these sessions are? I work every day starting at 8:30AM, but reaaaaallllllyyyyyy want to try this! Can someone help me? Thanks! 🙂

    1. Hey Kelly! Every Wednesday we meet at the Hollywood Bowl. Workouts begin at 5:27 and 6:27 am so get there a little early. Parking in the bowl is free so no need to worry about that. Our Friday location is announced at the end of workout on Wednesday, posted here in the blog on Wednesday, and then again posted on social media (FB and Instagram) on Thursdays!

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