PR Friday

Let’s take a quick minute to talk about what a PR is.

A Personal Record.

I happened to better my PR on Wednesday for a full tour, which I was super proud of–and then found myself trying to explain to people at work who do not go to NP what a PR is.  I could define it: the record I’ve set for my personal fastest time/highest reps doing (fill in the blank) a full tour, 50 sections, a Sebastian…whatever.  But I found some people weren’t quite sure what I was so excited about.  After all, here we are normal, everyday people, most of us not training as professional athletes or for Olympic trials.  Most of us are simply training for life.  So they give me looks like, “Why the hell do you care about setting records? Like, for what?!”

Personal Records are so damn important.  Here’s why: if you never check where you’re at [time, distance, reps] then you can’t be intentional about how you want to progress.  Sure, we can just keep showing up and working hard, believing that it helps in the pursuit of overall fitness, health, well-being, etc.  But PR days are all about throwing down and seeing, FOR REAL, if you’re actually getting faster, stronger, going farther, and doing more.  It gives us an opportunity to celebrate all the ways that we are improving and progressing, or it gives us an opportunity to reassess what we’re doing and adapt it to help us make the progress we want to make.

I don’t care if you’re training for life, training for your very first 5k or half-marathon, or training for the next 100 miler, having goals and striving forward is beneficial to us in all areas of our lives, not just in our fitness.


PR days–RACE days are nothing to be afraid of.  They’re everything to look forward to.  They make us stronger as human beings just because we were willing to make the attempt.  And very often, they make us far more motivated to continue moving, continue working hard, and continue striving.  We need this sense of purpose and pursuit in life.  It’s why BG and Bojan decided to workout together all month in November 2011–because they needed a boost in their sense of purpose and motivation.

So, my conclusion is this: Know what your Personal Records are.  Let them motivate you.  Focus like hell on them and keep racing to improve them.  We’ll all be better for it.


Track your time/distance for #PRhill day Sept 2016 right HERE.

Find the MONDAY DESTINATION DECK location (Reserved Channel on Black Falcon Ave at the eastern tip of the Seaport) right here too.  I’m not gonna hype it but if you look at the location and go “why the hell would we go there?!” then it’s a perfect day to #justshowup.


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