We Are Better Together (BOS)

Today’s workout in Harvard Stadium required everyone to have a partner. And your single responsibility to your partner was to shout out their name from time to time. To tell them “good job” or give them a “whoop whoop” or any kind of recognition, encouragement, or simply reminding them you’re still out there. Then when either partner reached section 1, you went back to find your partner and continued climbing sections with them toward section 1 again…and continued on until time was called.

The title of this blog is not just a cliche saying. It’s a reality that made itself apparent on so many other mornings over the last 8 years that November Project has been around, but also this morning. I listened to the calls, the names, the noises, the shout outs, the connections, the humor, and the fun–and I saw the excitement when partners finally re-connected after only seeing each other at the start of the workout then getting to share some sections together. I watched as both the 5:30 and 6:30 workouts built in hype and connection, increased in conversation and community, all while the workout was in action. And for a worldwide movement that is founded in community and fitness, a morning like today absolutely hit the mark. We are better together because together we show up more often, we bring our best selves and still find ways that we keep growing and getting better. We help each other, we encourage each other, we all get built up by the collective of us.

This shit is good. Every Wednesday, every Friday, every Monday, from the very start in 2011 up till now and will keep going until forever. Keep showing up.

coming up

FRIDAY: is #PRhills at 6:29am, meet at the top of Summit Ave. in Brookline (Corey Hill Outlook Park.

MONDAY: is a workout on the roof of Tufts Library at 6:29am. Oct 14.

VOLUNTEER INFO SESSION + SOCIAL: Please read all the info below:

  • October 16th 6pm: Landry’s Bicycle Shop at 1048 Commonwealth Ave. Brighton, MA.
  • INFO SESSION about the upcoming volunteer opportunity. NP Boston is partnering with Playworks, a non-profit organization that provides coaching and support for children during recess times at their schools, in order to make those physical and social times more positive and more successful (sound like NP?!?)
  • NP community members (LIKE YOU!) are invited to help as volunteers in this partnership.
  • You can show up to learn more about what this volunteer opportunity would look like, how much time it would take, and all other information/questions will be provided & answered.
  • We will talk, PLAY, and generally have a good time, so come check it out even if you’re unsure how involved you might want to be!
  • October 16th (same night!!) 7:30pm (same spot)
  • Come for the hugs, come for the conversation, come for some leftover playtime from the info session…just show up.
  • We will either be hanging out right at Landry’s or we’ll move to somewhere very, very nearby for some good old-fashioned NP social time, where you get to talk to and connect with those other folks you tend to only see very early in the morning while you’re all sweating.
  • This is a good opportunity to bring some folks who you’ve been wanting to recruit to workouts, but who have all the reasons in the world for not showing up. Sometimes meeting real people is the best recruiting tactic in the book.

Any questions about the volunteer stuff or the social, please reach out to me (Emily).

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