Oh Hell Yeah (PVD)

This is a post about November Project Providence’s Hell Week, which (let’s be honest) is not hell at all. It’s five (5) days of:

  • Free Fitness
  • Building Community
  • Exploring Our City
  • Getting a Sweet Ass Tag
  • Surprises? Probably Surprises

So let’s talk about WHAT is going on. Ready? Set? Go!

Monday, October 14:

Prospect Terrace Park ( Congdon St, Providence, RI 02906).
From here, we make a quick trip to Jenckes Hill, for the best funnest hilliest way to start your week! Start your week right and be there.

Tuesday, October 15:

Providence Pedestrian Bridge (South Water St, Providence RI 02903)
It cost $22 million to build. So let’s play on it! The newest and prettiest part of our urban landscape becomes our playground on Tuesday morning. Want to see the city lit up in the wee small hours? This is where to do it.

Wednesday, October 16:

Rhode Island State House
You know them. You love them (sometimes), and so on Wednesday we’re going to bring the fun to the State House in the best possible way. Workouts on this day will be held at 5:27am AND 6:27am.

Thursday, October 17

Temple to Music, Roger Williams Park (F C Green Memorial Blvd, Providence RI 02910)
Our own Kim Daniels will lead us through an early morning flow inside the Temple to Music, which we will light up for some early morning flow. Bring a mat, borrow a mat, do whatever you need to do – but don’t miss this. It’s one of the coolest experiences you’ll ever have.

Friday, October 18

Lippitt Memorial Park, (Hope St, Providence RI 02906)
We finish off our week with our biannual Sunrise 6K! An out and back and out again on the Blackstone Blvd Running Path, where you can high five your crew, support one another, and make the morning the best is how we finish our Hell Week 2020. Prizes for the winners (prizes TBD).

We’ll finish off the week with a Social, and celebrate how damn much we love each other’s company!

Bottom Line: Don’t miss a second of next week. It’s going to be fire, and you’re going to love it.

Hell Week Housekeeping:

  • All of the workouts will be at 5:27am, and on Wednesday, we’ll have our 6:27am workout as well.
  • Bring A shirt for the Hell Week Tag. We’d love for everyone to have multiple, but time and space and life are limited, so bring one. Make it colorful and something you’ll wear a lot.
  • IF YOU COME FOR THE WHOLE WEEK, you can wait until Friday and get the full tag done. It’ll look crisper, and you’ll make the tagging crew’s life easier.
  • IF YOU’RE NOT THERE FOR THE WHOLE WEEK – be a good citizen, don’t try to get the full tag. Earn it. Be there every day and we won’t have to worry about it.
  • We will not be doing the NP Tag next week – that will be the following week (10/23).


We have a TON of runners heading out to crush this race. Go cheer them on! Details on the November Project PVD Social Page on the Facebooks

Are you free? We NEED YOU! We want to put on the best cheer station humanly possible.We’ll be posting cheer location info onto FB, IG, and Everywhere HUMANLY POSSIBLE so keep an eye out! We also have a TON of runners out there on that day and we want to show them love!


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