Tools (YEG)

Having the right tools can make all the difference. The right camera setting, the right editing software, the right amount of layering, the right gloves, socks, shoes, buffs etc.

You don’t NEED the best or the fanciest or most expensive thing when it comes to the tools you use. I think that what is important to recognize is that we all need help and setting yourself up for the greatest possible success – just makes sense.

As the colder weather starts to creep up maybe take a look through your gear and see if something needs replacing. Maybe, like me, your toes were a little cold this morning. If you ever need suggestions on how to take on the winter months feel fee to ask us leaders or anyone in the community. You aren’t alone and we have all been through many trial and errors when it comes to these things. Pro tip: try to avoid cotton – it soaks up sweat and keeps you cold. Check this out for more tips and details:

Maybe you’re all set with the winter gear and thinking this blog doesn’t apply to you. Not quite. Don’t get me wrong good on our for being prepared but just take this blog as a call to look at your own life and see if there is a tool that you could use to make it simpler/easier.

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Friday – Walterdale Hill

NP SOCIAL – What!!! We don’t do socials?? or do we…… Yes we do and it’s happening on Sunday November 3 at Plaza bowling. An eventbrite link will be going up later this week. Looking forward to seeing everyone out in a non workout setting 🙂

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