Thanksgiving is for thanking and thinking and giving (Ottawa)

Today we did our Thanksgiving workout- a day of gratitude. Location change from last year, maybe some changes in the group, but it was a morning of shared thoughts and expressions of gratitude, with a lot of movement in 30 minutes. You gave that! So thanks to YOU.

They say what you do in the first hour of your day can set your tone for the rest of the day. I don’t have the source that says that, but is it more valid if I’ve experienced it myself? And even more so valid if anecdotally the people around me have experienced it too? Happy to chat more of this over coffee with anyone who has greater insight.

I’m not sure what your mornings all looked like before getting to NP, but depending on what time you opened your sleepy eyes, hopefully sometime within the first hour or two, you got to share at least 3 things you were grateful for. During the bounce, you may have shared with a stranger, what you are looking forward to today. I think we can easily slip into the habit of looking forward to the upcoming weekend plans, especially a long weekend. There is nothing wrong with that, in my opinion. It’s awesome to make plans to gather, to make baking and cooking recipes, to gather up your gourds and soups and be outside in the beautiful fall. But I hope you could also find something TODAY that is great. Maybe a co-worker you are looking forward to catching up with, or an exciting and challenging meeting, reading a book with your toddler, or catching up on the phone with your cousin, or an old friend. Or maybe it was your workout today, to spend time outside, to move your body because you know how strong and beautiful it is and that should be celebrated!

I think if we all started our day thinking about 1 thing we are grateful for, we’d perhaps start to switch that automatic thought of “I didn’t get enough sleep” “how could my alarm be going off already” “I don’t want to …… today” with some positivity, we’d go about our day just a little bit more on the bright side. If you woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, I hope these messages of gratitude turned things around, or shifted them slightly in the other direction. And if you woke up on the right side of the bed, perhaps someone in your life didn’t and they may need a reminder how important they are to you, so tell them!

Just know, we are grateful for all of you, this community, that we can move together on Wednesday mornings, and so glad you are here. THANKS for GIVING us your all and your heart of gratitude.

Here’s to bringing “Soles” together


  1. THANKSGIVING SUNRISE 6K – meet at Canal Ritz. You don’t want to miss this. Bring layers to cheer everyone on until the very end. Bring friends and family too!
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