We Are All Smiles

It has been said that November Project runs a smile factory. The factory supposedly emits zero emission (except for runner’s farts), runs super efficiently and most of all never seems to malfunction. At first I thought all you people in LA were all know it all, too cool for school buttholes but today, my god, did you all throw that stereotype in the water and drown it. Today you all conquered not only a tough workout (Couple’s Retreat) but you floundered like a fish out of water during our technical warm ups, you high-fived up the wazoo while sweat beaded down your face and you welcomed each other with open arms even though you may have eaten garlic the night before.  And yeah I’m talking to you newbies, all 16 of you, for being so badass and tackling the workout like champs!!! The best part, is that you all did it with a smile.


So effortlessly you welcomed the morning with grace and balls. You may have been having the shittiest time but you paraded up and down those steps like it was fucking mardi-gras. You may have been hurting but you stomped that cement like you were superheros ready for the ground to crumble beneath you. Basically what I am trying to say is that you all are wonderful and that you make LA proud.

Today we were absent of Co-Leader Angelo who has “food poisoning”. Lay off the tequila.

A good ole surprise was the Smith newlyweds. They are the couple of the year from NP_BOS! They came and visited us today on their road trip honeymoon.



The positivity award was awarded today to a strong woman, consistent member and crazy dance moves. Wilded haired Lauren Cortizo, treat her good.


Lastly, a huge thank you for Keenan and Christian for taking our yearbook photos. The tribe loved you and your talent that we can not wait to see!

NEWS: If you have yet to do so, sign up for #socalcollisioncourse, where we will be racing November Project-San Diego half way down the coast to then have a night of fun and camping. Note: There are limited spots.   https://www.facebook.com/events/283321501838652/


HW: Bring a friend. I’m starting to think we are your only friends. Which is cool and all but maybe invite the next badass runner you see sprinting down the street or running from the cops.


See you next Wednesday for PR day.6:29am at the Hollywood Bowl!

We will be tagging #grassrootsgear.


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