If the Hat Fits (DEN)

Holy shit this blog is late! I know for most of you it feels like hours that you have been refreshing your computer screens, now wondering to yourself, where has the day gone? I’m sorry I have handicapped your productivity. I feel bad I  have kept you waiting. But I feel even worse to tell you that after all of this I really have nothing to say except that I love you all. Today, you all helped make mugshots go so smoothly that I can’t wait to drop the album on July 1st. Please don’t refresh your computer screens or  hold your breath in anticipation for the mugshot album because it will not go public for 13 days and you will pass out due to lack of oxygen to the brain. Seriously though, thanks for playing today, you’re all awesome.

Did I mention we had our highest numbers yet? Somewhere around 70 of you came out this morning to rock it on the stairs. Way to step up the recruiting game, but don’t stop there. Reach out, build community.

Finally, major ups to Babe/Doogie Howser/Will for sacrificing his workout today to capture all of your weird and wonderful faces.


Friday: Cheeseman Park ,west side, 6:15am. LOOK for announcements about a specific meeting spot on twitter and facebook you non-social-media-believers-you. But I kid, see pictoral map below.

Saturday: Mile High Fitness Fest: Free Yoga at noon at Mile High Stadium. Rock your #GrassRootsGear. Register: http://fitnessfestmilehigh.com/


Cheeseman Playground
Cheeseman Playground
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