Some like it HOT

When we started November Project New Orleans as pledge rats back in January, one N.P. descriptor that struck me in particular was the term “Weatherproof”. Sunday School classes here in the Bible Belt taught us not to lie, and that is a scary proposition for the first southern tribe (You may have heard a thing or two about our history with large storms, but we’ve moved on and aren’t getting into that). For us folks below of the Mason-Dixon line “cold weather” starts once the mercury drops below 60 degrees. The stories of eyelids freezing together during NP_CAN workouts and pictures of people doing pushups in the snow might as well have been scenes from an early aught disaster flick staring a young Jake Gyllenhaal. Hell, here in Nola we will shut down a whole city at the mere suggestion of a snow flurry and don’t even consider driving if anyone has spotted ice, outside of a highball, anywhere within a 30 Mile radius…..

But now the summer time is here… and the southern most tribe is out to prove its toughness and provide a few “O shit ” stories of its own. Consider today, a mild 95 degree morning was matched by the 95 tribe members that showed up today. We get that this isn’t about head counting, but hey we’re still pretty new at this and continue to have our minds blown each week by the amazing folks from all walks of life that #justshowup. To paraphrase Field of Dreams, we are all building this and they are coming. Just a community of people standing up to say that, while the excessive heat and humidity may be oppressive, laying in bed and being a lazy ass is not an option.

We started with our warmup of a lap around the dome and 12 minutes of running stadium steps. Cameron, then put us to a regiment of pushups and sprints around the Superdome. The group blended Yearbook picture assignment with the completion of a full destination deck that put the members through air squats and crunches. All in all a great day and a great workout.


In closing, NPNO is so impressed with the community of people that have taken the initiative to participate and motivate others to just show up.  And yes, we may be terrified of the cold, but now we are hitting our extreme.  Temperatures well into the triple digits and humidity that makes the air feel as if you are walking in molasses, and we will be here week in and week out proving that we southerners are also “weatherproof”


*(Game of Thrones reference for the non-watchers)

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