Watermelon Derby

The time has come to RACE…watermelons. Not grapes.  Not tasty bing cherries.  Not butternut squash.  Not even honeydew or cantaloupe, though they are respectable melons. No. No other fruit will do for derby car racing.  Only watermelons.

This Friday, July 17th, we will race hand-made watermelon race cars down the grassy hill at the top of Summit Avenue.  This is the biggest event of the entire summer.  The hype is huge and you are in it.  You are sharing the hype, hyping the hype, blasting the hype so everyone gets hit by it.

EVERYONE CAN DO IT.  You need a team, a theme, and a race car made of a watermelon.  This race has everything to do with fitness.  No, it has nothing to do with fitness, but it’s perfectly weird and fun.  And so, we will do it. You WILL do it.  Do it now.  5…4…3…2…do it NOW.

There are some race car building rules:

•RULE #1  Use one Watermelon to craft your race car.

•RULE #2 Insert two independent axles through your watermelon and attach wheels to the axles.  Theme, decoration, and style are all up to you.

•RULE #3 Watermelons cannot be attached to a pre-fabricated chasis of any kind (like a skateboard, stroller, toy car, etc.)


And RACING rules:

•RULE #5 No pushing or “helping” your Watermelon Racer on the starting line.

•RULE #6 Races will be judged on distance, innovative design, best decoration, team spirit, and best crash.  All watermelon race cars must have a name.

Make this the best day of the summer.  No excuses, go all in.  #RaceEverything.

All racing will take place at the end of the hill workout.  After the racing is done, everyone is welcome to feast on our melons of water.  The winners of all kinds will cool themselves in Grace and Micah’s pool of water.  And the day will go down in the history books of November Project and probably the world.  If you’re okay with missing history, then stay in bed on Friday.  Definitely don’t make a Watermelon Derby race car.  And if anyone has news connections and can get a film crew out for the workout Watermelon Derby race, you win a spot in the pool too.  #21HumpBeat deserves some #News and Boston is ready to watermelon race our way to worldwide free fitness fame. #noshame

Any questions should be directed to HR Karl of November Project, Corporate.


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