Swift like a Taylor (DCA)

Do you ever stop while you’re at November Project? Stop and take a picture? DUMB QUESTIONS. We’re a group founded on free pictures of fitness. But for real, just stop, look around, and think about what it means to have all those humans there moving together?

Think about your first time you were at November Project. HEEYYY it is 6:30 let’s get a little bounce. A WHAT. I don’t get it. Why is everyone jumping. Omg noises? A HUG? What have I done. This can’t be cool. No way. This is not cool.

OR, find your feelings, and think about the first person who reached out to you and said hi. Maybe your second time, when someone remembered your name? Or the time you were like ohhh man I should know your name and I don’t but it’s… J-oo-nna-th- oh David, riiight, duh! And then you were like, hmm wow, not so bad, I’m actually kind of proud of myself. And you and David are now besties and you roll around town making eye – contact with strangers like NBD.

OR, what about the first time your alarm didn’t go off…… And all your new friends were like, we’re not mad, just COMPLETELY disappointed. YOU GUYS, some people aren’t even SETTING ALARMS. Some people are STILL missing out on this. People who you might think know about November Project. Or you KNOW have heard about it. People who can’t figure out why the gym isn’t working. People you’ve told and told and TOLD about November Project.

Take some time to help someone just show up, explain that we really mean just show up, tell a stranger what we’re about, welcome someone to our not, not a cult. You could be the reason they get out of bed and decide not to stay at home and sleep in next week. 

Wait. This is my first time reading the blog, I thought we were a free fitness group?

Until next time, 


ps. this.

FRIDAY is HERE at 6:30AM. #JustShowUp.

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