Watch Your Language! (DEN)


  • LeeAnn from the Chicago tribe won our first round of recruiting for the summer.  I don’t know what to say here.  I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.
  • Erin & I got whipped cream pies to the face by LeeAnn’s 7th proxy, Troy, and smelled milk residue in our nostrils for the next 24 hours.
  • I strongly recommend recruiting or dating smelling like milk residue.
  • Yearbook pics and dogbone workouts happened.  Courie and Justin walked the entire thing because, well, they’re 93 years old.  November Project really is for everyone.
  • Friday brought Lucky Charms, dogs, Denver promo videos, tiny NP’ers, and a hole heapin’ helping of stairs!
  • Morgan’s suggestion of ending the workout with shavasana was the happiest I’ve ever seen any of you.
  • Isabel’s suggestion of Spice Girls for workout jams was swiftly dismissed, maybe too swiftly.

We have a lot of NP-specific language that, if you speak in such a way outside a workout, people look puzzled, they beg your pardon.  I still don’t know what “sliding into your DMs” means, but if you tell me to drop a verbal I get all tingly inside.

The NP lexicon, while pretty simple on its face, has layers.  Telling someone to #justshowup isn’t so much of a direct command as it is a yearning plea for them to be there, knowing what your uninformed friend is missing out on.

#RaceEverything, while intimidating at first, suggesting maybe we only want the fast kids, is a personal challenge for you to throw down your inner gauntlet on yourself.  Maybe you do race someone just a hair faster than you, just to take your Cadillac for a spin to see what it can really do, but it’s more about the personal challenge.

#ThisShitIsGood is about as simple as it gets, no explanation required.  For clarity, see #justshowup.

#ThisShitIsWeird – see #thisshitisgood

WE. OUT. HERE. I’m positive BG jacked this from an old skateboarding video starring Tony Hawk in the 90s before he was really Tony Hawk.  This term has been slathered liberally across social media so that it no longer has meaning.  BG most recently posted an Insta video of an older gentleman in an airport with suspenders, showcasing his ample plumber’s crack.  The heading?  We.  Out.  Here.  Social media is everything and nothing.

Y’all Good?  At my first bounce I took the most literal approach one could possibly ever take.  I asked, ‘How is everyone this morning?’  It’s so much more than that.  It’s asking you to set aside all of the less fun stuff in your life for 45 minutes, be present with your community, and give them your best, while you take the best of them.  It makes the less fun stuff seem a little less hard by the time you get home.

Fuck yeah!  Yep, I’m in it.  I’m here for me, I’m here for you.  Let’s get it.  We.  Out.  Here.

I’m glad you’re here.  This is my favorite.  The sentence itself is a little whitewashed, but means so much more.  To me, it encompasses all of the verbiage above.  I’m here for you, I’m here for me.  I’m here to work, to push you, and to push me.  I’m here to lean in to my community, and I’m here to let them make me better.  Hell yes, this shit is good.  Whipped cream pies to the face?  This doesn’t happen at my normal gym – weird.  In full, I’m grateful for YOU.  I’m grateful that you’re here making me better, making yourself better, making our community better, one high five, one hug, one awkward eye contact at a time.

Don’t lose that vibe, don’t fake that funk.


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