Warm-Ups & Wet Fields (BOS)

Sometimes people ask Capozzi and me how we do this NP thing. They ask, “how do you do it week after week, and keep bringing the enthusiasm?” They want to know what’s the special sauce we have that keeps it fun, and new, and awesome.

This morning is a good example of something we can share that helps you all understand how the little things, along with all of you, keep us and this whole NP_BOS show going.

We planned the workout for this location knowing that there was a great big field (wide open grassy space), which is good for just about anything we want. It also has some courts for basketball and tennis as well as a playground structure area to the park. It’s basically got everything we could want or need for a Monday.

Then we show up early this morning, after a 5 mile run together, for final planning, and we realize that the field that we were planning to use for most of the workout, is wet. Like pretty freaking wet. And it’s not 90 degrees this morning–it’s actually got a little coolness to it, so telling people to roll their bodies around in the soppy grass will likely be received with that look that really means, “I’m never ever coming to another Monday workout again after you make us do this shit…” So we pivot. We head to the courts. We design a solid circuit that could be a stand alone workout, if we wanted to stay there. And when we explained it and started it, everyone was mostly focused on doing the workout and likely didn’t expect anything different. But 10 min later, after the first full rotation through the circuit, people are working hard, sweat is starting to roll off faces, and everyone looks like they usually do–the sort of hate us, but as soon as the workout is done you’ll be okay with what’s going down right now. And that’s when we tell you the “warm-up” is over and we’re headed to the field.

When you’re already sweaty, you don’t think quite as hard about plopping down for a set of burpees in the grass, or sprinting through the outfield to homebase, while running through a sprinkler to get there and back. When you’ve already been working with a partner, and now you acquired another set of partners and you have a team you’re working with, it’s just a little more fun, there’s just a little more motivation, and this whole thing comes together.

The burnout, well that’s just us reminding you that you came for fitness, so you’re going to get a hell of a workout and you’ll feel it later on today and maybe tomorrow too. It’s what makes Capozzi and me high-five each other after watching and pushing you through 3 minutes of alternating squats and squat-holds, because we feel good not about how hard WE worked, but about how hard YOU worked. That’s what keeps us going. It’s the workouts, it’s the fun, it’s the warm-ups and wet fields, and it’s you. Each and every one of you who show up, who make this community what it is for everyone else. It’s definitely the best way to start each Monday, each week, all year, year after year.


This Wed through next Monday, Capozzi and I will be in Seattle with all the NP coleaders from the 50 other NP cities, connecting, getting more hyped about NP, learning and sharing from each other, and helping to further GROW this movement.

This means Friday will be led by some celebrity shot co-leader(s) from our own group…Just show up to see who!!! 6:29am at the top of Summit Ave. in Brookline.

And NEXT MONDAY, will be held at Graffiti Alley in Cambridge (map right here) and will be led by former NP coleaders Chris Payne of Boston, and Steve Christensen of DC. 6:29am. It’ll be amazing, so don’t miss it!!

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