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For the last couple of weeks Nat (AKA Natty Ice, Nat the Great, St. Paul’s Biggest Fan, Sis) and I were on a mission to collect your feedback on what November Project means to you, and how November Project Minneapolis – St. Paul can be an ever better place to #JustShowUp. 

Comments and concerns were wide ranging, but mostly clustered around three different topics.

  1. #ThisShitIsGood – We might be biased, but we agree. To everyone who has shown up, even just once, and to everyone who continues to show up and put their time and efforts into building the best version of themselves and the best community that they can – thank you. You (and you, and you, and you) make November Project great. We’re just here to make sure you hold your planks for an extra 10 seconds (or maybe like 25 seconds). So we’ll keep doing what we’re doing, and you keep showing up (even when it gets cold outside).

  2. More workouts in more locations, please! – We hear you loud and clear. Wednesdays are great, Fridays are great, but let’s keep exploring (#NeverStopExploring?!?!) these two great cities, destinations new and old. This doesn’t mean that we’re going to change everything, but we will be seeking out more opportunities to travel, especially on Fridays. So we’re going to work hard on finding new hills and stairs to climb. New benches to plank on. New lakes to run in and on (hello winter!). If you have seen a hill or a stair that we haven’t bounced on before, send it our way. 

  3. The stairs are hard, but they’re crowded (and not just the parking lot) – I think we knew this, but we were not quite ready to admit it. We love the stairs. The stairs are hard. The stairs are fun. The stairs are hard (did I say that already?) When we first started showing up at the Boathouse stairs, it was a good day if 10 people showed up. Now, the stairs feel downright lonely with just 10 pairs of feet climbing up and down. This past Friday we had nearly 70 of you racing up and down the stairs on PR day. There are a ton of us (#GrowthChallenges). Even spaced out all the way up the stairs, and down to the drum, this means a lot of bumping and grinding as each of you strive to cut those precious seconds off of your PR. So we will be working on sharing the stairs better. So in addition to spending more Fridays traveling (see above), when we’re at the stairs we will be extra careful to use the stairs in ways that makes room for everyone. Maybe we’ll trading loops with a partner, or spreading out with the Zoidetrap (Long timers know what’s up), or something brand new and creative (send in your ideas), but we will make sure you still get WORKED.

Keep the vibes strong. Keep sharing your ideas with us. Keep showing up.

Y’all Good? 

TLDR: #FuckYeah, #InTownTraverbal, #MakeRoomToStayGoofy

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  1. My offer for breakfast after a workout at Beard’s Plaisance stands. Hit me up. #LindenHills #bananabreadbagelslotsafruit #stoopcoffee

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