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In the summer I love that I have more time to read. Some of my favourite moments during my summer break are the times when I can sit outside in the sun with my book and get lost in the story.

Right now I am ready Daisy Jones & The Six and I am totally captivated! Using the accounts of the band members, the novel describes the musical journey of the Daisy and the Six. What I love is the fact that the details of the story are not aligned, that each band member remembers the experience differently.

It gets me thinking about mornings like today. What did you take away from this morning? What has stuck with you since you left Kinsmen? Was it the bounce? Do you remember how Rob kicked off our morning together? Was it the smell of paint that is still lingering in your car from the new piece of grassroots gear that you took home with you? Was it the conversation that you had on the hill as you ran up and down in the muggy weather? Maybe it was the fact that you made it further today than you have any Friday before. The stories I am taking away about this morning are of the kms shared before the bounce and the spontaneous math lesson that happened during tagging.

As I pulled into the parking lot early this morning, the usual suspects were not around. I planned to do my run solo until a van pulled up and another solo runner was about to embark on a little pre-NP run. I am grateful for this happenstance meeting as we had a chance to run together and visit. These are moments that I cherish!

As for the math lesson, Keith’s son Quince was helping Nadim prep one of the spray paint cans and inquisitively asked, “How many shirts can you do with one can?” “25,” Nadim replied. To which Keith, recognizing this as a teachable moment, asked Quince, “If there are 4 cans of paint being used, approximately how many t-shirts are they tagging?” As Quince thought about his answer, we all pondered how many cans we were actually going through, and in my head, I thought we should actually count the number of shirts we did to see how accurate the estimates were. Quickly Quince declared that we’d do about 100 t-shirts and moved on to his next question for Nadim. I love that families share NP together – there were a lot of kids on the hill this morning and I think that is awesome!

What are the stories you’re telling of this morning? What would you write about if you could do the blog post today? Share that story with someone, I guarantee it’ll bring a smile to your face!

PS – Thanks to everyone who helped tag today! Grassroots gear looks sharp!

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Until next time…SMILE! J

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