Warm Firedrills (PHL)

With the sun rising early and temperatures comfortable, we are seeing the Tribe grow.  Whether you are coming because the weather has broke, you are prepping for bathing suit season or simply want a hug and good workout — we are GLAD you show up!  I’d rate today’s workout from strong to very strong…but who am I to say?

Today’s workout consisted of running the stairs with a squat/push-up fire drill at the sound of the cowbell.  More spice was introduced when the horn sounded everyone found the closest “Exit Row” and sprinted the loop.

We sweat. We hugged. We kissed babies. We laughed. We cried. It was truly magical.

See you Friday at LEMON HILL, 6:25 AM

A few announcements and dates:

Mayor’s Cup: Please talk to Richie G. and look for info. posted via our social media about the Mayor’s Cup.  We will be fielding a team for the fun/competitive event this summer.  Each person can sign up for one event so let’s coordinate to figure out how our team is assembled!

May 16th – Join us for Play Manaunk – wear your Grassroots gear & at 1:00 p.m., we’ll join Never Give Up Training to break a Guinness World Record for the most people doing sit-ups simultaneously! Registrationrequired.

May 17th – Join team November Project Philadelphia for the West Philly Runners 26×1 marathon relay, (password: np_phl). <<— That’s an update right there!

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