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Today we had an unexpected visitor join us as we jollily skipped back across the Esplianade Riel Bridge. A photographer from the local paper the Winnipeg Free Press has noticed an increasingly large group of loud, oddly energetic, brightly coloured people gathering every week at The Forks.

He literally walked up to us camera in hand and said, “So what’s this all about? We could probably find a pretty spot for a photo on that bridge.” And just like that, we Made The News. If anyone happens to follow any of the other November Project Tribes, or perhaps the Godfathers, Bojan and Brogan, you will notice use of the #NewCh19 and the tag line “We Make The News”.
Group shot May 13

This phrase and hashtag pay homage to the 19 tribes across North America that each week bring something positive, simple, fun and unique to our respective cities. We are so insignificant in the big picture but to our 30, 40, 60, or 300 tribe members, we are something to get up for, a way to step outside of comfort zones, a way to be held accountable to a fitness routine and more than anything we are just something fun to look forward to.

The reason that November Project is featured on news programs, in magazines, all over the internet and of course why it dominates your Instagram feed is simply because without asking for anything, without needing the recognition, we all show up and deliver the good news. . . and this just in . . . this shit is good.

cathy PA

Cathie Coughlin is fierce, Cathie Coughlin is fit, Cathie Coughlin pushes herself and those around her. She is a leader in our group, she runs hills every Thursday night and wants you to join her. She never misses a workout, she does sweet ass jumping jacks (or squat jacks if you are feeling adventurous) and she is this week’s winner of the #positivityaward. That ladies and gentlemen is your top story!

Nate hannah martina squat dips

You Stay Classy Winnipeg,

Tom and Rick

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