Urban Cross Country (PHL)

This morning Lemon Hill served as the site of our first Urban Cross Country Course.  Ok, ok, I just made that up literally 4 minutes ago, but today’s novel route brought us new scenery, including stairs, grass, dirt, broken glass and other semi-dangerous, mostly fun terrain.  After segregating women and men on Wednesday, we were given some very strong feedback about isolating the sexes.  Therefore, today’s workout included partner push-ups with members of the opposite sex.  Couldn’t find a member of the opposite sex?  Easy, hold a plank until you do.

Alas, the sexes were reunited.  Natalie and Julie took down the #PositivityAward today.  These two are a true NP tandem and bring the fire every week.  Well done ladies!  #WeekendEarned

NEXT WEDNESDAY:  Yearbook Photos!

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