Up and At’em (NYC)

It’s back to school time! And it’s PR time. We kicked off our first official 5:30 a.m. group today.  This was something we went old school with,  Word of Mouth.  The only way people knew about it was by coming to the workout on Friday and hearing about it from other people.  This was a homage to our phone call homework from a while back.  5:30, its this new thing that is sweeping the nation.  Might you try it? Maybe?


We had Mansions for breakfast and PR’s were happening all over the place. September usually means that Labor Day just happened, school is back in session, and summer is over.  Shit, summer is over? If summer is over why the hell was it so humid today? If summer is over, I CAN’T WAIT FOR WINTER.  I hear that it was pretty warm today for our neighbors to the north at their workout.  Sup Canada, you want some of this humidity? Anyway, today we went for the moon and we got it.  Had some first timers get their taste of what it is all about and what better day than to set a PR.  PR day is ALWAYS a good day.

Dads even PR’d! We even touched noses. Dad noses, too!




Name Time
Coach John 13:42 5:30
Alison H 18:17 5:30
OG Pete 18:29 5:30
Mary Arnold 17:55 5:30
John Massay 4 laps- 20:15 5:30
Sarah Johnston 20:29 5:30
Jackie 20:35 5:30
Pete Kruse 13:57
Myles 13:57
Steven 14:27
Jeff 15:32
Jessica Snider Rodriguez 16:48
Christina 17:16
Emily F 17:26
Peter F 17:15
Alli Feller 17:37
OG Pete 18:07
Kaitilin 18:09
Chris H 17:38
Sam Hamill 18:36
Jessca S 18:55
Erin D 19:15
Emily P 18:55
Jason K 13:46
Matt Power 15:15
Shane Reid 15:17
Rob 14:19
John Seniszyn 16:07
Rick S 15:15
Lauren A 16:30
Kayla Monks 17:38
Mike Mclinden 17:46
Jackie Marks 18:18
Jennifer Butcha 16:54
Brian OC 16:34
Melissa Nathanson 18:56
Allison Le’Hrioioox 17:55
Aubrey 17:58
Patrick Burke 19:36
Rachel CG 20:06
Frank 18:35
Betty 19:13
Taylor 19:23
Gordon 18:45
Erica B 18:36
Liz M 19:19
Alex Burke 19:30
Terri k 20:11
Kelsi 20:08
Amanda 19:21
Jessica B 20:20
Lauren T 22:33
Laura C 18:47
Erin Bristol 19:14
Meghan S 18:26
Courtney R 18:26
Nina M 20:13
Annie S 19:07
Bridget Q 21:35
Molly Q 21:56
Setphanie B 19:00
Caitlin G 20:38
Phoebe 20:49
Lee 21:09
Kathryn S 23:56
Emily D 24:31
Tara H 23:32
Erin Kelly 21:32
Elizabeth O 20:26
Casey L 3 laps- 25:00
kathy g 3 laps- 13:19


Next Up: QUEENS! Meet as at the Unisphere at 6:28 a.m.  Please click for instructions

Attire: Anything remotely tennis: headbands, skorts, rackets, ball boys. etc.


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