PR’s All Around! (SMF)

First Wednesday of the the month means one thing for NP SMF: PR day! And the Tribe killed it with their workout this morning!
After our 1/2 mile warm up our workout consisted of 20 jumping jacks, 20 push ups, 20 sit ups and a sprint – repeated 4 times. Which was followed by some bear crawls & walking lunges. Since everyone blasted through their workout. Here are today’s results vs last month:

Chris – 5:10 (6:22)

Chris Mc. – 5:31 (7:37)

Trinity – 6:10

Cory – 6:40 (7:53)

Katie – 7:20 (7:33)

Laura – 7:31

Brad – 8:04

Fuck yeah! Super proud of the Tribe’s improvement. And since there is such an improvement I think we’re gonna be stepping it up for our next PR day. Consider yourself warned!
We finished with a cool down to a pond in Capitol Park. For some reason the Tribe thought it would be a good place to do some twerking. So yeah, that happened. It is a good workout to get that Beyonce booty…right?

We’ll see you next week Sacramento! Every Wednesday 6:25 AM at the State Capitol.

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