Things Got Awkward and Awkward is Good

Outside of again using our alternate location, things started off rather normal. Preston got us warmed up with a jumping welcome and a brief update on our weekly location plans. The tribe was then sent on a full lap around the park (1.7 miles) to get our heart pumping before things took a turn for the awkward.

Each member grabbed a partner at the end of the lap and that’s when the real fun began. Extra sweaty contact, personal space be damned, was today’s prescription. First, we wheelbarrowed to get the sweat wiped clean from our partners ankles and socks while putting our shoulders through the grinder in the fresh cut grass and damp mud. We then jumped on our partner’s back to swap some more sweat during the fireman carries that followed. Next, we closed out the movements with a round of plank relays and burpee frog jumps. The tribe was definitely out of its comfort zone and the tribe is now stronger because of it. You may not have known your partner before this morning, but each of us now has intimate knowledge of a complete stranger or loved ones personal choice in deodorant (or lack thereof… yeah we noticed but don’t care because it was awesome). Who doesn’t love a Wednesday morning when you can’t determine if the sweat dripping down your leg belongs to you or your partner? We built a cheer leading pyramid to show that the strength of our tribe is not in our individual members but in the support we provide each other. Yeah it sounds hokey, but sometimes the truth is self evident. A hot morning, itchy grass, good workout and multiple sweat exchanges made this morning special. You know what else is special?


The Positivity Award and this week it went to Ann Elise Borchardt because “you’re good enough, you’re smart enough, and doggone It, people like you.” Ann Elise also does a kick ass job of making sure tribe members get notified of our weekly posts. Stuart Smalley approves of Ann Elise and so do we! Stay tuned for the location announcement next week.

See you later Audubon Park.

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